Medical Predators Kidnap, Poison Vermont Teen

“I’m just literally here as a hostage. I didn’t do anything. I haven’t harmed anyone. I haven’t harmed myself, and they won’t let me go home. I just want to go home to my mom, so I can have my life back. They took it from me. They are drugging me up every single day against my will.”

This isn’t a quote from a dystopian novel, or a sci-fi thriller. It is the heartfelt plea recorded by an American teenager being held in a facility in Massachusetts against her will and that of her family in Vermont. Karen Maple is very concerned about the well-being of her daughter, 17 year old Elissa, since DCF seized custody of the teen over a year ago, in December 2013.

Karen says she sought help for her teen’s anxiety, but DCF quickly got involved and turned their world upside down, sending Elissa to a mental ward/school located 6 hours away from their home, in another state. She has now been diagnosed with schizophrenia, but her mother says that the drugs that she is being forced to take are what is actually causing the symptoms of schizophrenia.

Interestingly, on the occasions when Elissa has stopped taking the medications, the symptoms also stopped. Those periods haven’t lasted long, she says, because when the staff found out that she wasn’t taking them, they force drugged her. Elissa has no choice in the matter.


The video was recorded on August 14, 2014, but little has changed. She still isn’t home. She turns 18 on July 1, but they have no idea if Elissa will get to come home then or be forced to stay until she reaches 21. The facility is designed for residents up to age 21.

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Note the dialated pupils, the fixed stare, the chubbiness that isn’t evident on the family photo.  These are all signs of psychotropic toxicity.  Long term physical effects include tremors, ticks, slurred speech,   tardive dyskinesia and other signs of brain damage, and diabetes.   Emotional effects include post traumatic stress which leads to depression.  In the past medical insurance policies had strict limits on coverage for psychiatric “hospitalization”, a fact which saved many kids from years in hell, but politicians have now mandated that policies treat psychiatry as any other medical specialty, a bit of unscientific nonsense that no doubt significantly contributed to the rise in the cost of medical insurance.  Psychiatry is certainly the most illegitimate and predatory branch of medicine, and any medical institution of integrity would distance themselves from these corrupt quacks.    The fact that they don’t says volumes about the rest of medicine.   More info is here:

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