FBI Uncovers Yet Another FBI Terrorism Plot

… Booker repeatedly discussed his intentions to perform jihad with the two FBI informants in the following months, leading up to Friday’s end when Booker attempted to detonate the inert bomb. Booker filmed a video of himself to be played after his death, during which he swears bay’ah, or allegiance, to IS leader Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi.

According to the complaint, the FBI informants provided a list of explosive materials to Booker, and also assembled the explosives at his request. Booker made it clear that he wished to detonate the explosion himself, so the FBI informants demonstrated how to arm the device. …


Is this what they have to do to make a living?  It would be far less toxic to just pay them to go on vacation.  Just stay on the riviera, all expenses paid by the US taxpayer.  Please.  Be our guest.

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