Cocaine Importation Agency’s PR Campaign Against Exposure

(By Chip Tatum) I have chosen to republish this article from “The Intercept”, as it somewhat represents how the CIA and others of our government agencies and proprietary companies can come together and cover one another’s misdeeds. Gary Webb was in fact the target of government retribution. The story of Oliver North’s direct involvement in the manufacturing of cocaine during the 80’s in Nicaragua is well documented in the media, congressional testimony, and federal court testimony. The error in the charges and ensuing investigation was so slight that most of us would not realize the cover-up. The scope of the investigation outlined is as follows: “Was the CIA complicit into introducing “crack” cocaine into the United States?” By restricting the scope of the investigation as such, the results were predetermined. The CIA was not complicit in introducing “crack” cocaine into the United States. We shipped Cocaine!

Oliver North oversaw the production and shipment of cocaine into the United States. Utilizing the assets of the United States government at his disposal, i.e. the United States Army flying support missions in Honduras and Nicaragua, the United States Air Force flying support in Honduras, the Enterprise, a group of companies formed by North and his accomplices, the Nicaraguan Contras, infamous drug pilot Barry Seal among others including myself, shipped tons of high grade cocaine and other drugs into the U.S.  They did not ship “Crack” cocaine to the U.S. To most there is not much difference, but in legaleaze it is a huge difference.

Gary Webb’s investigation was in error as he erroneously stated that the CIA was introducing Crack Cocaine into the inner cities instead of the high grade coke that was being manufactured by Oliver North’s Contra’s in Nicaragua. If you have not read The Tatum Chronicles, you should. In this book I have published the flight plans of various military flights delivering Cocaine and government personnel to various locations in Central America. The Chronicles are available on Amazon or from my office Click Here However this use of Central and South American assets was in place thanks to the deployment of a young man into Venezuela in 1977. While assigned in Venezuela, he was key in building an organization which continues today. The Assets name, John Ellis (Jeb) Bush.  ….

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