Feds seek an excuse to shut down the net

It seems the courts through a Freedom of information act lawsuit is standing by the U.S. government and not allowing the release of the U.S. governments plan to shut down the internet and cell phone service (plan SOP303) in times of emergencies.   In other words if there was civil unrest.

The reason why the lawsuit was filed in the first place was due to when all cell phone service was cut in San Francisco during the BART unrest.

The court is being asked to revisit their ruling.

The US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit in February sided (PDF) with the government and ruled that the policy did not need to be disclosed under a Freedom of Information Act request from the Electronic Privacy Information Center. The court agreed with the government’s citation of a FOIA exemption that precludes disclosure if doing so “could reasonably be expected to endanger the life or physical safety of any individual.”

EPIC asked the court to revisit its ruling, arguing that the decision, “if left in place, would create an untethered ‘national security’ exemption'” in FOIA law. On Friday, the court ordered (PDF) the government to respond—a move that suggests the appellate court might rehear the case.

What is as always the case is the U.S.’s position around the world is “Do as we say not as we do”.

Remember the U.S. State Department has always condemned other countries for shutting down the internet and cell phone service during unrest.  They condemned Egypt and Syria in 2011 during their unrest for shutting down services.

The U.S. will not release in what situations they would/will cut off all services.  That is a major problem considering U.S. citizens do not ‘trust’ their government regarding our civil liberties anymore after decades of our rights being abolished.

Just as the Patriot Act is coming up June 1st for renewal, of which I have no doubt will sail through the Congress and Obama will sign it.  Even if millions called to express their displeasure of the Patriot Act and our Constitutional Rights being shredded due to it, they will ignore the people and do as they are told…..


We should have a plan as a people on how to respond when the bankster’s war on us becomes overt and explicit.   If we are disconnected from each other, we should disconnect from the system.  Disconnection Day would be an opportunity to turn off all the screens, walk across the street and meet our neighbors.   Find out what you can offer them and what they can offer you.  There’s a lot of local knowledge out there looking for students.

Lawmakers declare vaccines essential to ‘national security’ after taking money from Big Pharma

Like clockwork, the Disneyland measles false flag has predictably evolved into a national call for medical fascism, as politicians from both sides of the aisle unequivocally throw their support behind the jab agenda, which is right now pushing to eliminate vaccine exemptions and force everyone in America to get vaccinated.

The absurdly titled “Vaccines Save Lives” initiative declares into existence an alternate universe in which vaccines are 100% safe and effective. Introduced by Representatives Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), Charlie Dent (R-Penn.), Thomas Marino (R-Penn.) and Peter Welch (D-Vt.), the resolution “affirms [that] vaccines and immunizations save lives and are essential to maintain the public health, economic and national security of the people of the United States.”

By dressing up in patriotic terms such draconian nonsense, the politicians behind this decree aim to crystallize in the public groupthink the idea that vaccines are nothing less than God’s gift to mankind. Without them, claims these corporate hacks, there would be “a true public health crisis” that puts mostly children at risk.

According to The Hill, more than 90 members of Congress have signed onto the resolution which, while it isn’t binding in any sort of legal sense, represents the first shot fired in a brewing war against medical freedom. The mainstream media, the federal government and even some medical professionals are all calling for vaccine exemptions to be eliminated, and this resolution backs that sentiment.

“If passed, this resolution will bolster the current backlash against vaccine exemptions and pave the way for states’ efforts to mandate universal vaccinations,” explains the Alliance for Natural Health USA.

Top Congressional contributors during 2013-14: the pharmaceutical and vaccine industries

Even more absurd than the resolution itself are specific claims contained within it that “there is no credible evidence to show that vaccines cause life-threatening or disabling diseases in healthy children or adults.” This statement is patently false, contradicted both by the medical literature and the package inserts included with vaccines by their respective manufacturers. ….


US aerospace command moving comms gear back to Cold War bunker

And leaving the rest of us to deal with the consequences of US foreign policy.

The US military command that scans North America’s skies for enemy missiles and aircraft plans to move its communications gear to a Cold War-era mountain bunker, officers said.

The shift to the Cheyenne Mountain base in Colorado is designed to safeguard the command’s sensitive sensors and servers from a potential electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack, military officers said.

The Pentagon last week announced a $700 million contract with Raytheon Corporation to oversee the work for North American Aerospace Command (NORAD) and US Northern Command.

Admiral William Gortney, head of NORAD and Northern Command, said that “because of the very nature of the way that Cheyenne Mountain’s built, it’s EMP-hardened.”

“And so, there’s a lot of movement to put capability into Cheyenne Mountain and to be able to communicate in there,” Gortney told reporters.

“My primary concern was… are we going to have the space inside the mountain for everybody who wants to move in there, and I’m not at liberty to discuss who’s moving in there,” he said. …


We can guess who all is moving in there and why.  Russia and China can too.