Why We Must End the “Federal Reserve”

The most important but unmentionable reason for eliminating the fed is the inherent conflict of interest of giving commercial investment bankers the ability to manipulate the economy behind closed doors for their own private profit, which the fed’s repeated crashes and booms have coincidentally served quite well. Alarmingly, the current cycle seems to be an end game. With economic globalization virtually complete except for russia the american worker/consumer has become worse than expendable, and the velvet glove is coming off of the iron fist of “democracy” in time for the final looting of the physical infrastructure and real estate that once supported the now comatose US economy. This is why the military and police are gearing up for massive social unrest, a domestic militarization program whose longevity (spanning decades) is itself ample evidence of premeditation, even apart from the compelling evidence of immediate culpability of the fed and its friends on wall street, the bank for international settlements and the clinton and bush administrations in the creation of a housing bubble mathematically guaranteed to be rife with fraud and facilitating its infiltration into the most conservative corners of the financial infrastructure just in time for a BIS policy change guaranteed to pop it. See:
and do some searching for AIG on this blog.