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Dr. Andrew Wakefield
The MMR Vaccine
Shocking News Revealed

  • The suppressed (scientific) link between autism and vaccines
  • Damaging MMR vaccine results from the Japanese population
  • New evidence of Merck and CDC scientific fraud revealed
  • Why we should be concerned about vaccine exemptions

Suzanne Humphries, M.D.
Vaccine Research
Myths and Lies Exposed

  • The untold story behind vaccine ‘safety’ propaganda
  • Vaccine research that will SHOCK every concerned parent
  • The politics behind mandatory vaccination policies
  • An urgent message to every doctor about ‘herd immunity’

Robert Rowen, M.D.
Vaccine Truths
Raw and Uncensored

  • Why vaccine ‘effectiveness’ is a complete lie
  • Measles statistics that will surprise every doctor
  • Important questions to ask BEFORE getting vaccinated
  • Research news that will forever change your attitude about vaccines

Jane Orient, M.D.
Mandatory Vaccinations
A Medical Perspective

  • A serious vaccine message for every healthcare provider
  • American Medical Association doctors will want to hear this show
  • The unpopular truth is revealed about unvaccinated people
  • What every doctor needs to know about the CDC and FDA

Janet Levatin, M.D.
Boosting Immunity
Infectious Disease Solutions

  • The real reasons why parents need to question vaccines
  • The real reasons why parents need to question vaccines
  • How to dramatically reduce your risk of illness – naturally
  • A fascinating look at how homeopathy improves immune function

Listen to the interviews here: Vaccine World Summit | Summit Experts.

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