Underground History of American Education

When John Taylor Gatto resigned from his job, he did so on the Op-Ed page of the Wall Street Journal. At the time, he was NYC and New York State School Teacher of the Year.

The Origins of Modern Public Schooling

vs elite schooling

The shocking possibility that dumb people don’t exist in sufficient numbers to warrant the millions of careers devoted to tending them will seem incredible to you. Yet that is my central proposition: the mass dumbness which justifies official schooling first had to be dreamed of; it isn’t real. After nine years of research and a half-million dollar investment, The Oxford Village Press and a tax-exempt foundation dedicated to school reform, The Odysseus Group, announce the availability of an exclusive “Author’s Pre-publication Edition” of a long-awaited bombshell:

01 The Elite Private Boarding Schools
02 Separation of Powers
03 A Complete Theory of Access
04 Caution in Reasoning to Conclusions
05 Breaking Out of Dependent Thinking
06 An Enemy of Mental Alertness
07 An Apartment Floor Plan
08 Shadowing a News Anchor
09 Lessons in Citizenship
10 Experiences in Solitude
11 The Psychopathic School
12 An Underground History
13 The Prussian System
14 The High Priest of Scientific Management
15 The Daughters of the Barons of Runnymede
16 The Empty Child
17 The Psychopathology of Everyday Schooling
18 The Politics of Schooling
19 The Wealth of Nations

The Underground History of American Education: An Intimate Investigation Into the Prison of Modern Schooling by John Taylor Gatto

JT Gatto: The Ultimate History Lesson