RadioWHO: Putin: From Russia With Death

The role of Vladimir Putin on the world’s stage, from Syria to Ukraine, is a complicated one, and some see him as an important moderating influence on the now virtually unchallenged Western imperial apparatus. But one thing is increasingly clear: his role within his country is a deeply troubling one. And the public is terrified. Why? Consider these names:

Sergei Magnitsky, Alexander Litvinenko, Anna Politkovskaya and now Boris Nemtsov.

All opponents of Putin, all now dead.  Murdered, in brutal and very public ways.

Our guest for this week’s RadioWHO podcast, Bill Browder, knows Russia.  He’s an unusual figure—his grandfather Earl Browder was the head of the American Communist Party. Bill Browder, rejecting that legacy, became the consummate capitalist. Once Russia’s largest foreign investor, Browder was forced to leave the country when he became a vocal critic of Putin, and his lawyer, Sergei Magnitsky, was jailed and murdered.

Browder talks to WhoWhatWhy about what he sees as Putin’s compulsion to steal, his ultimate goal of becoming one of the richest men in the world, and how he believes Putin has overreached.

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