Hillary Clinton deleted all email from personal server

Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign Is Now Effectively Over

Wall Street Warns Dems Not to Choose Senator Elizabeth Warren

Hillary Clinton’s unannounced campaign for the U.S. Presidency has already failed. Her arrogance (or else stupidity) in having wiped clean the hard drive of the private server she had used for her emails while she was the U.S. Secretary of State adds insult to the injury already done to her incipient campaign by the earlier revelation that she had evaded the State Department’s record-keeping system and had used her private server for all of her State Department emails and not only for her personal emails. (The NYT had headlined March 2nd: “Hillary Clinton Used Personal Email at State Dept., Possibly Breaking Rules.”)

CNN, early Saturday morning, March 28th, bannered the big follow-up, “Hillary Clinton deleted all email from personal server,” and reported that, “Hillary Clinton permanently deleted all the emails on the private server she used to do official business as secretary of state.” Ms. Clinton immediately responded to reporters’ questions by saying that nothing of importance to, or concerning, her State Department business, was on that server, and that she had recently sent to the investigator who is looking into this matter “roughly 30,000 emails” that related to State Department business. However, the public, and prosecutors, will now not be able to see the other emails (which she says were approximately 32,000), because she then had that server wiped clean. She says she had had this done because “no one wants their personal emails made public.”

In other words: the public would just have to trust her assertion that nothing related to government business was in those “personal emails.” …


Given all these theatrics it’s a fair bet that benghazi really was all about arming ISIS with weapons via libya, as so many have deduced.

BTW: Wolf Blitzer tries to pull a fast one in the CNN clip above, where he states there’s no possibility of recovering the data.  This is highly unlikely unless the hard disk was physically shredded.  That’s why her lawyer is refusing to give the server to congress.

Another ruse above is that wall street is warning the dems not to choose Elizabeth Warren, implying that she’s their enemy.   Unfortunately she’s already abandoned her demands to audit the federal reserve and give student loans via the fed’s discount window.   Is she being bribed, blackmailed or threatened?   Perhaps her children have been threatened?  In this country, at this time, absolutely anything is possible.

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