Here’s Why You Should Find The Bloodstained Men’s Jumpsuits So Offensive

What are intactivists (people opposed to circumcision of children) doing to communicate their cause? They are educating people, having fun and making a difference in some children’s lives. Meet The Bloodstained Men.  They make doctors cower at conventions. Meet them the last week of March on the lawn in front of the Capitol in Washington D.C. – Genital Integrity Awareness Week (GIAW).

bloodstained man with sign

“Maybe you’d be happier with your hoodie on,” said a reporter who was concerned about my toddler’s refusal to wear a jacket on an unexpectedly windy Wednesday.

The irony of his statement was completely lost on him. After all, we were standing together at a demonstration against routine circumcision — referred to more commonly and, quite frankly, accurately by definition, as “genital cutting” by many of those holding up signs of protest around me.

It was a scene that certainly didn’t feel like the right time or place to indulge in gentle euphemisms.

A group of activists who boldly aim to make unconsented genital cutting illegal in America for boys (the practice was banned by federal law in 1997 for girls), called the Bloodstained Men and Their Friends, made a unique impression on the Texas leg of their southeastern tour last week. Intact Texas’ Houston chapter and other local intactivists joined them in our city on Wednesday and Thursday.

BSM’s approach? Make the message impossible to ignore!…

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