Government Plans Further Invasion of Children’s Bodies

It’s not enough to assault you during and after birth, they fully intend to invade the uterus to pursue the social control objectives of the money masters.   See and note that aluminum is also implicated.   And they still refuse to admit the problem when they could actually prevent it through screening with a simple blood test.   A blanket denial in the face of overwhelming biological and epidemiological evidence, not to mention the the legal immunization of pharmaceutical manufacturers, is strong evidence of malevolence at the top. It’s dangerous to overestimate the degree of human compassion manifest in government bureaucracies.   They’re not “just people” any more than corporations are “just people.”   Emergent social and economic processes create inhuman dynamics.   See  Also see

Maternal immunization provides important health benefits for pregnant women and their infants, and obstetrical care providers are now recommended to vaccinate all pregnant women against influenza and pertussis during each pregnancy. However, immunization coverage among pregnant women for influenza and pertussis-containing vaccines is suboptimal, leaving numerous pregnant women and their infants at risk for complications from vaccine-preventable diseases. Therefore, it is critical to understand the social, programmatic, and logistical barriers that both prevent pregnant women from receiving recommended vaccinations and prevent obstetrical care providers from recommending and administering vaccines within their practices. To facilitate the successful development of a national maternal immunization program, in alignment with broader immunization goals such as those outlined in the National Vaccine Plan, the Assistant Secretary for Health (ASH) charged the National Vaccine Advisory Committee (NVAC) with reviewing the current state of maternal immunizations and existing best practices to identify programmatic gaps and/or barriers to the implementation of current recommendations regarding maternal immunization. …

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