Dollar Exit Accelerates: 5 Major US Allies Sign on to Chinese Development Bank

Major American Allies Ignore U.S. Pleas and Join China’s Alternative Bank

This week, 2 major U.S. allies – 2 of the “Five Eyes” – have disregarded American please and joined China’s new development bank … alternative to the US-dominated IMF and World Bank lending order. (A third member of the Five Eyes – New Zealand – previously signed onto the Chinese bank.)

Specifically, the UK and Australia signed on this week.

The Financial Times reports, quoting a senior US Official:

[The decision of the UK to join the Chinese development bank was made with] virtually no consultation with the US.

We are wary about a trend toward constant accommodation of China, which is not the best way to engage a rising power. …

France & Germany to join China-led $50bn infrastructure bank, along with Italy

The finance ministries of France and Germany have confirmed they’ll join China’s new Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), and Italy is expected to soon. Joining the rival to the US-led World Bank is seen as a setback for the Obama administration.

“The Ministry of Finance confirmed that France would join the AIIB bank,” French daily Le Figaro reported Tuesday.

Germany’s finance ministry said it was joining the bank, the BBC says, although Italy has yet to confirm the earlier report by the Financial Times (FT). …

What will it take for the USA to kick the empire habit?    It’s killing us.   Is it autistic monkeys or traitors that are running US foreign policy?
Certainly the payoff will be huge for anyone shorting the USA, as well as the vultures who swoop in afterward.   Seriously, does anyone think the neocons are anything but a suicide cult?

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