Former Merck doctor says Gardasil vaccine is deadly

Parents, please protect your children from powerful marketing campaigns. Inform your children. Do not let them be vaccinated without your permission. This one is especially troublesome. Many beautiful young women have already been crippled or killed by it. And they are now advocating it for boys.

Outspoken medical experts openly criticize the Gardasil vaccine

Among the long list of experts speaking out against the Gardasil shot is Dr. Bernard Dalbergue, former pharmaceutical physician for the vaccine’s manufacturer, Merck, who has gone on record as criticizing the pharmaceutical industry as a whole – and the Gardasil shot in particular.

Dr. Dalbergue was quoted in April of 2014 by the French magazine Principes de Santé (Health Principles), as predicting that the Gardasil vaccine, which he describes as “useless” and highly expensive, will go down in history as one of the greatest medical scandals of all time. He goes on to say:

“The evidence will add up to prove that this vaccine, technical and scientific feat that it may be, has absolutely no effect on cervical cancer and that all the very many adverse effects which destroy lives and even kill, serve no other purpose than to generate profit for the manufacturers.”

From: Medical proof: Gardasil shot is deadly | Natural Health 365.

Putin says Ukraine crisis threatens nuclear war

According to a documentary aired Sunday on Russian public television, featuring interviews with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Russia prepared for nuclear war after last year’s pro-Western putsch on February 21-22 in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev.

After an all-night meeting with Russian security officials, Putin decided at dawn on February 23 to prepare the return of Crimea to Russia. Fearing that far-right Ukrainian nationalist militias would attack the largely ethnic Russian population of Crimea and the strategic Russian naval base at Sevastopol, Russia mobilized forces it stationed in Crimea, under the terms of Russia’s lease of the Sevastopol base.

The Crimean population ultimately voted to rejoin Russia, and pro-Kiev forces in Crimea did not resist and were allowed to escape Crimea unharmed. “We monitored the situation and had to bring in our equipment,” Putin said. “They would have been wiped out after the first salvo.”

According to Putin, however, as the Kremlin and the Russian military began their planning, they did not know whether NATO would react by going to war: “This could not be understood immediately, therefore at the first stage of work, I was accordingly forced to provide guidance to our Armed Forces. And not just provide guidance, but issue direct instructions, orders regarding the possible conduct of Russia and our armed forces given any development of events.”

Putin said he was ready for “the most adverse development of events.” As the interview makes clear, this referred to all-out nuclear war with NATO. The Kremlin prepared to arm its nuclear forces, Putin said: “We were prepared to do this. I was talking with Western colleagues and saying to them that [Crimea] is our historical territory, that Russian people live there, that they were in danger, and that we could not abandon them.” …

Ballistic missile systems to be redeployed to Russia’s westernmost region — source

Russian strategic bombers to be redeployed to Crimea amid snap check

Russian Airborne Force units on combat alert

Russia’s Western Military District, Northern Fleet on combat alert

Russia Begins Air Force Tactical Drills in Siberia

Crimea Blockade to Continue Until It Becomes Part of Ukraine – US Senators

The U.S. State Department hinted on Monday that sanctions against Russia have no end in sight.

A year after Russia annexed the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea on March 17, State spokesman Jen Psaki said there are no plans on lifting the sanctions that began because of the Kremlin land grab.

“We reaffirm that sanctions related to Crimea will remain in place as long as the occupation continues,” she said. “The United States continues to support Ukraine’s sovereignty, territorial integrity, and right to self-determination.” …


Stratfor: US aims to prevent a German-Russian Alliance

Seriously, are we back to this?  This is the strategic objective that put hitler in power for crissakes.

The head of the private intelligence agency Stratfor has for the first time publicly said that the US government considers to be its overriding strategic objective the prevention of a German-Russian alliance. Blocking that alliance is the only way to prevent an alternative world power capable of challenging extension of the American position of being the world’s lone superpower. [In this video, he says that the U.S. will fail in that overriding objective; German technology and capital will combine with Russian natural resources and “land-power,” to produce a truly bipolar world: U.S. v. Eurasia. So: he sees the U.S. strategy as being to block that, by weakening both Germany and Russia. That strategy would explain what Obama is doing in Ukraine, and the sanctions that are hurting both Russia and Germany, but Friedman thinks that nothing can work.] …

Dollar Exit Accelerates: 5 Major US Allies Sign on to Chinese Development Bank

Major American Allies Ignore U.S. Pleas and Join China’s Alternative Bank

This week, 2 major U.S. allies – 2 of the “Five Eyes” – have disregarded American please and joined China’s new development bank … alternative to the US-dominated IMF and World Bank lending order. (A third member of the Five Eyes – New Zealand – previously signed onto the Chinese bank.)

Specifically, the UK and Australia signed on this week.

The Financial Times reports, quoting a senior US Official:

[The decision of the UK to join the Chinese development bank was made with] virtually no consultation with the US.

We are wary about a trend toward constant accommodation of China, which is not the best way to engage a rising power. …

France & Germany to join China-led $50bn infrastructure bank, along with Italy

The finance ministries of France and Germany have confirmed they’ll join China’s new Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), and Italy is expected to soon. Joining the rival to the US-led World Bank is seen as a setback for the Obama administration.

“The Ministry of Finance confirmed that France would join the AIIB bank,” French daily Le Figaro reported Tuesday.

Germany’s finance ministry said it was joining the bank, the BBC says, although Italy has yet to confirm the earlier report by the Financial Times (FT). …

What will it take for the USA to kick the empire habit?    It’s killing us.   Is it autistic monkeys or traitors that are running US foreign policy?
Certainly the payoff will be huge for anyone shorting the USA, as well as the vultures who swoop in afterward.   Seriously, does anyone think the neocons are anything but a suicide cult?

The State of the Media

Who Owns the Media?

Massive corporations dominate the U.S. media landscape. Through a history of mergers and acquisitions, these companies have concentrated their control over what we see, hear and read.

It’s not just that these media companies are huge, it’s that they often have interests beyond media.   GE, for instance, is unlikely to be a reliable source of information about issues relating to its other businesses:

As corporate power concentrates, such conflicts of interest will become even more pervasive.