Cell Phones are Mobile Eavesdropping, Tracking Drones

Given that the NSA is tapping into your phone calls and spying on your Internet activities, you might have switched to a search engine which is more privacy-conscious.

You might have started using encrypted communications.  After all, NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden and the leading electronic privacy group – the Electronic Frontier Foundation – say that encryption helps to protect privacy.   On the other hand,  Tech Dirt points out that the NSA might consider you suspicious if you encrypt information, and so hold onto your data until they can decrypt it.

The above are all issues about which you are at least somewhat aware.

But there is a giant type of snooping which you probably don’t even know about.  Specifically, ABC News reported in 2006:

Cell phone users, beware.  The FBI can listen to everything you say, even when the cell phone is turned off. A recent court ruling in a case against the Genovese crime family revealed that the FBI has the ability from a remote location to activate a cell phone and turn its microphone into a listening device that transmits to an FBI listening post, a method known as a “roving bug.”

Experts say the only way to defeat it is to remove the cell phone battery.

“The FBI can access cell phones and modify them remotely without ever having to physically handle them,” James Atkinson, a counterintelligence security consultant, told ABC News.  “Any recently manufactured cell phone has a built-in tracking device, which can allow eavesdroppers to pinpoint someone’s location to within just a few feet,” he added.

According to the recent court ruling by U.S. District Court Judge Lewis Kaplan, “The device functioned whether the phone was powered on or off, intercepting conversations within its range wherever it happened to be.”

“The courts have given law enforcement a blank check for surveillance,” Richard Rehbock, attorney for defendant John Ardito, told ABC News.

“Big Brother is upon us…1984 happened a long time ago,” he said, referring to the George Orwell futuristic novel “1984,” which described a society whose members were closely watched by those in power and was published in 1949. …


How to block cell signals: http://science.opposingviews.com/aluminum-foil-block-cell-phone-signals-2475.html

It’s just an accident.   Pretend that it doesn’t exist and it will go away,  unless you do anything that big brother might deem “extremist” (such as applying physics to the 3 collapses of the world trade center on 9/11) or you and all your acquaintances, even people you encounter on the street,  will be candidates for the “Main Core”.   And don’t think that common sense will  save the day.   Think what happened to germany in the 30’s, under the careful tutelage of some of the same families and foundations which dominate the USA today.    Think of the absolute subjugation, torture and pillage of much of latin america from the 60’s right up to the present day.  The state is not trustworthy, it’s  not compassionate, it doesn’t care about kids or freedom or common decency.   Internally it’s an adaptive system composed of networks of mutual blackmail and corruption.  Externally it’s an amoeba which grows and metastasizes while it engulfs its prey from all sides: political, economic, intellectual, medical, even religious (501c3 regulations) and beyond.  If you think independently you’re a threat, because common sense and decency aren’t just irrelevant to the state, they’re anathema to it.  It’s an organic, spontaneous artificial intelligence which long ago escaped the control of its creators.   It has wreaked havoc with numbing regularity through the centuries, while growing more ubiquitous and powerful with time.

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