Cancer patients warned about vaccines

Shocking to most people, there is a very good (medical) reason to suggest that people who receive the measles vaccine should AVOID being in contact with others. In fact, conventional medicine knows that recently vaccinated people actually pose a threat to the public – especially cancer patients.

Major hospital warns cancer patients about recently vaccinated individuals

It’s not everyday a hospital warns patients to stay away from the recently vaccinated. With so many vaccine myths pushed in our faces day after day, especially with the mass misinformation agenda swirling fear throughout the country regarding the recent measles outbreak, But, thankfully, St. Jude Children’s Hospital alerts patients to the facts – that recently vaccinated people pose a risk to the public at large. In fact, it’s right on their website.

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Obama-Netanyahu “Fallout” is Theater in Preparation for Israeli Strike on Iran

US and Israel attempting to establish feigned “diplomatic row” to justify “unilateral” Israeli attack on Iran.

In a 2009 US policy paper published by the corporate-financier funded Brookings Institution, it was made clear that the US was determined to provoke Iran into a conflict and effect regime change at any cost – up to and including an outright military invasion and occupation of Iran with US troops.

However, before it came to that, the Brookings Institution’s policymakers explored other options including fomenting US-backed political unrest coupled with covert, violent force, the use of US State Department listed foreign terrorist organizations to carry out assassinations and attacks within Iran, and limited airstrikes carried out by either the US or Israel, or both.

In retropspect, 6 years on, all of these tricks have not only been attempted to one degree or another in Iran, but have been demonstrably employed in neighboring Syria to diminish its strength – which according to Brookings – is a necessary prerequisite before waging war on Iran.

And of particular interest – considering what appears to be a growing diplomatic row between the United States and Israel – is just how precisely the US planned to covertly back what would be made to appear as a “unilateral” Israeli first strike on Iran – an attack that appears to be in the process of being justified through a carefully orchestrated propaganda campaign now unfolding. …