Garda$ell: Snake Oil With A Bite

Gardasil (HPV vaccine) has never been proven to prevent a single case of cervical cancer, but as the most profitable vaccine ever created it is increasingly being mandated despite having an atrocious safety record.

At the present time, there are over 100 bills in play around the country which seek to mandate or eliminate exemptions for vaccines. In NY state, there is a bill to mandate HPV vaccine for all students entering the 6th grade. HPV vaccination is already mandated in Virginia and the District of Columbia.

Our children are sicker than they have ever been, plagued by immune dysfunction and neurodevelopmental disorders. Meanwhile, in the name of stamping out infectious diseases, which has succeeded exactly once in over 80 years of trying, the CDC is recommending that all children be protected against viruses that might cause a very few of them to get cancer in 30 or 40 years. In the process, they must get 3 injections containing a big slug of an aluminum adjuvant, plus foreign DNA.

Every vaccine that is mandated is a huge windfall for the manufacturer, who bears no liability in the U.S. In the case of the HPV vaccine, the retail price is about $500 for the three shots. Merck has reported sales of over a billion dollars a year since 2007 from the push to vaccinate teens…

A serious adverse event is a reaction to a medical product resulting in death, permanent impairment or disability, hospitalization or ER visit with life threatening problem. Here is the FDA’s definition:

What is a Serious Adverse Event?

Here is the post marketing experience. According to the manufacturer:

Blood and lymphatic system disorders: Autoimmune hemolytic anemia, idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura, lymphadenopathy.
Respiratory, thoracic and mediastinal disorders: Pulmonary embolus.
Gastrointestinal disorders: Nausea, pancreatitis, vomiting.
General disorders and administration site conditions: Asthenia, chills, death, fatigue, malaise.
Immune system disorders: Autoimmune diseases, hypersensitivity reactions including anaphylactic/anaphylactoid reactions, bronchospasm, and urticaria.
Musculoskeletal and connective tissue disorders: Arthralgia, myalgia.
Nervous system disorders: Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis, dizziness, Guillain-Barré syndrome, headache, motor neuron disease, paralysis, seizures, syncope (including syncope associated with tonic-clonic movements and other seizure-like activity) sometimes resulting in falling with injury, transverse myelitis.
Infections and infestations: Cellulitis.
Vascular disorders: Deep venous thrombosis.

The vaccine adverse events reporting system or VAERS database tells us that there have been 5,360 serious adverse events reported since 2006. There have been 220 deaths reported. It is generally acknowledged that this system picks up only a small fraction of the actual number. These are injuries in the here and now trying to prevent something decades in the future that most likely will not ever happen…

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Iceland Considers Eliminating Banks’ Money Presses

Icelandic government suggests removing the power of commercial banks to create money and handing it to the central bank

The proposal, which would be a turnaround in the history of modern finance, was part of a report written by a lawmaker from the ruling centrist Progress Party, Frosti Sigurjonsson, entitled “A better monetary system for Iceland”.

“The findings will be an important contribution to the upcoming discussion, here and elsewhere, on money creation and monetary policy,” Prime Minister Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson said.

The report, commissioned by the premier, is aimed at putting an end to a monetary system in place through a slew of financial crises, including the latest one in 2008.

According to a study by four central bankers, the country has had “over 20 instances of financial crises of different types” since 1875, with “six serious multiple financial crisis episodes occurring every 15 years on average”.

Mr Sigurjonsson said the problem each time arose from ballooning credit during a strong economic cycle.

He argued the central bank was unable to contain the credit boom, allowing inflation to rise and sparking exaggerated risk-taking and speculation, the threat of bank collapse and costly state interventions.

In Iceland, as in other modern market economies, the central bank controls the creation of banknotes and coins but not the creation of all money, which occurs as soon as a commercial bank offers a line of credit.

The central bank can only try to influence the money supply with its monetary policy tools.

Under the so-called Sovereign Money proposal, the country’s central bank would become the only creator of money.

“Crucially, the power to create money is kept separate from the power to decide how that new money is used,” Mr Sigurjonsson wrote in the proposal.

“As with the state budget, the parliament will debate the government’s proposal for allocation of new money,” he wrote. …

Microwaving Planet Earth


If it appears that madmen have taken over the asylum, it might be because it is true. It is not we common people who are creating problems with the weather; it is the big corporations and nations. It is as if the boys in charge are naughty little children whose parents never taught them how to play nice. Send them all to Mars before they destroy this beautiful planet and kill all its beautiful inhabitants.

March 27, 2015

Tech Giants Poised to Bath Earth in Microwave Radiation 43

International Public Health Coalition Says Planned Global WiFi from Space Will Destroy Ozone Layer, Worsen Climate Change, and Threaten Human Life and Health

Global Union Against Radiation Deployment from Space (GUARDS)
(March 26, 2015)

Google, Facebook, and three other companies (here, here, here, here, and here) are gearing up to provide high-speed global WiFi coverage from space within the next three to four years. This would be an ecological and public health nightmare, according to a recently-formed international coalition: the Global Union Against Radiation Deployment from Space (GUARDS).

According to GUARDS, the extensive satellite networks required will endanger the ozone layer and significantly contribute to climate change. Rocket exhaust contains ozone-destroying chlorine, water vapor (a greenhouse gas), and aluminum oxide particles, which seed stratospheric clouds. Complete ozone destruction is observed in the exhaust plumes of rockets.

The New York Times (May 14, 1991, p. 4) quoted Aleksandr Dunayev of the Russian Space Agency saying “About 300 launches of the space shuttle each year would be a catastrophe and the ozone layer would be completely destroyed.”

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Electroshock and Psychiatry’s Compulsion to Harm Children

Our investigation has found that thousands of adolescents, children, and adults have been hospitalized for psychiatric treatment they didn’t need; that hospitals hire bounty hunters to kidnap patients with mental health insurance; that patients are kept against their will until their insurance benefits run out; that psychiatrists are being pressured by the hospitals to increase profit; that hospitals `infiltrate’ schools by paying kickbacks to school counselors who deliver students; that bonuses are paid to hospital employees, including psychiatrists, for keeping the hospital beds filled; and that military dependents are being targeted for their generous mental health benefits. I could go on, but you get the picture.
— U.S. Representative Patricia Schroeder of Colorado

In 1947, psychiatrist Lauretta Bender, wrote about how she was now giving electroshock to children. She described the results in this way:

It is the opinion of all observers in the hospital, in the school rooms, of the parents and other guardians that the children were always somewhat improved by the [electric shock] treatment inasmuch as they were less disturbed, less excitable, less withdrawn, and less anxious. They were better controlled, seemed better integrated and more mature and were better able to meet social situations in a realistic fashion. They were more composed, happier, and were better able to accept teaching or psychotherapy in groups or individually. (2)

In 1955, she reported on how she had administered 20 shock treatments to a child under three years old, who was on the children’s ward at New York’s Bellevue Hospital.(3)  Bender eventually administered this “treatment” to more than 500 children, and enjoyed a career as one of the most honored psychiatrists of her time.

One of the children she shocked was Ted Chabasinski, when he was a six-year-old foster child. His description of that experience stands in stark contrast to Bender’s:

I was six years old [in 1944]. My mother had been locked up in a mental hospital just before I was born, and I was a ward of the state. A psychiatrist at Bellevue Hospital in New York, Dr. Lauretta Bender, had just begun her infamous series of experiments with shock treatment on children, and she needed more subjects. So I was diagnosed as a “childhood schizophrenic,” torn away from my foster parents, and given 20 shock treatments….18 I was dragged down the hallway crying, a handkerchief stuffed in my mouth so I wouldn’t bite off my tongue. And I woke [after the shock treatment] not knowing where I was or who I was, but feeling as if I had undergone the experience of death. After four months of this. I was returned to my foster home. Shock treatment had changed me from a shy little boy who liked to sit in a corner and read to a terrified child who would only cling to his foster mother and cry. I couldn’t remember my teachers. I couldn’t remember the little boy I was told had been my best friend. I couldn’t even find my way around my own neighborhood. The social worker who visited every month told my foster parents that my memory loss was a symptom of my mental illness. A few months later, I was shipped to a state hospital to spend the next 10 years of my life.

Was this [referring to the electroshock] the work of some isolated sadist, some mad scientist practicing in a closet? No, the psychiatrist who did this to me and several hundred other children is still a leader in her field, with many articles published in prestigious psychiatric journals; she still draws a salary from the New York State Department of Mental Hygiene. And not one voice was ever raised within the entire psychiatric profession to protest what she had done. (4)

Even while Bender was publishing articles touting her success, a follow-up study of 32 children she had electroshocked was telling of the harm she had caused. Those doctors wrote:

[P]arents have told the writers that their children were definitely worse after EST [electroshock treatment]. In fact, many of these (electroshocked) children were regarded as so dangerous to themselves or others that hospitalization become imperative. Also, after a course of such treatment one 9-year-old boy made what was interpreted as an attempt at suicide.” (5)

When the 9-year-old boy was admitted to a state hospital, he said he had tried to hang himself because he was “afraid of dying and wanted to get it over with fast.”  “Afraid of more terrifying shocks” is probably a more accurate description of the boy’s fear.

The Science

Electroshock is referred to by psychiatrists as electroconvulsive treatment or ECT because it involves the production of a grand mal convulsion, similar to an epileptic seizure, by passing up to 600 volts of electric current through the brain for one-half to four seconds. Before application, subjects are typically given anesthetics and drugs to paralyze the muscles, to suppress fear and pain, and to cut down on the number of broken bones — particularly in the spine, a common occurrence before drugs were used.

The ECT-induced convulsion usually lasts from 30 to 60 seconds and may produce life-threatening complications, such as apnea and cardiac arrest. The convulsion is followed by several minutes of unconsciousness. Electroshock is usually administered in hospitals equipped to handle emergency situations, including death, that may develop during or soon after the shock.

Brain Damage

Medical doctors, as well as the building trades, do their best to prevent people from being injured by electrical shocks. People are given anticonvulsant drugs to prevent seizures because they are known to damage the brain.

The brain naturally operates in millivolts of electricity. ECT, however, jolts the brain with an average of 150 to 400 volts of electricity. ECT induces a grand mal seizure and it is obvious that ECT causes brain damage.

University of Pennsylvania neuroscience professor Peter Sterling put it this way in testimony at a 2001 hearing on ECT before the New York Assembly Standing Committee on Mental Health, Mental Retardation, and Developmental Disabilities:

ECS [ECT] unquestionably damages the brain. The damage is due to a variety of known mechanisms:

1) ECS is designed to evoke a grand mal epileptic seizure involving massive excitation of cortical neurons that also deliver excitation to lower brain structures. The seizure causes an acute rise in blood pressure well into the hypertensive range, and this frequently causes small hemorrhages in the brain. Wherever a hemorrhage occurs in the brain, nerve cells die — and nerve cells are not replaced.

2) ECS ruptures the ‘blood-brain barrier.’ This barrier normally prevents many substances in the blood from reaching the brain. This protects the brain, which is our most chemically sensitive organ, from a variety of potential insults [injuries]. Where this barrier is breached, nerve cells are exposed to insult and may also die. Rupture of this barrier also leads to brain ‘edema’ (swelling), which, since the brain is enclosed by the rigid skull, leads to local arrest of blood supply, anoxia [lack of oxygen], and neuron death.

3) ECS causes neurons to release large quantities of the neurotransmitter, glutamate. This chemical excites further neuronal activity which releases more glutamate, leading to ‘excito-toxicity’ — neurons literally die due to overactivity. Such excito-toxicity has been recognized relatively recently and is now a major topic of research. It is known to accompany seizures and over repeated episodes of ECS may be a significant contributor to accumulated brain damage.

The bottom line is that ECT “works” to the extent that it damages and disables the brain. ….

Dr Bonnie Burstow on ECT as violence against women


Electroconvulsive Therapy Causes Permanent Amnesia and Cognitive Deficits

The ongoing traumatic abuse of psychiatric shock treatment

The Eugenic Impulse in Psychiatry

Given the social, economic and racist etiology of most “mental illness”, psychiatry is, almost by definition, war on the weak:

More Quack Science Behind CDC Vaccine Guidelines for Pregnant Women

[From the Director of the National Coalition of Organized Women to the publisher of the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, letter dated Feb 3, 2012]

… 1. The Moro 1 study looked at reports in the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) database (including reports of spontaneous abortions and stillbirths) of pregnant women from 1990/91 through the end of the 2008/09 influenza season, 20 years (or 19 influenza seasons). The AJOG reviewers assigned to the CDC study led by Dr. Moro were clearly not as critical as Dr. Goldman‘s peer reviewer. Not challenged was that the Moro 1 study covered a 20 – year study period that only during the final 26.3 % of that period (since 2004) were influenza vaccines recommended for pregnant women during their 1st trimester. Thus, for 14 of the 19 flu seasons reviewed (or 73.7 % of the flu seasons), the Moro 1 study reviewed a period when a more precautionary vaccination approach prevailed (i.e., only those pregnant with special circumstances or those beyond their 1st trimester of pregnancy were to be vaccinated). 4

2. The general perception, worldwide, was that 2009 was the year of the experimental monovalent , 2009 A – H1N1, pandemic influenza vaccine. The title of the Moro 1 study (1990 – 2009) gave the false impression that at least part of the 2009 /10 pandemic flu season was covered in the study. However, in fact, the study did not cover the pandemic flu season that began in the fall of 2009. However, a cursory glance at the title’s 1990 – 2009 could have easily led obstetricians and gynecologists, as it indeed misled the media and the general public, to believe that the year of the novel H1N1 emergency pandemic vaccine was covered in the study and that no out – of – the – ordinary adverse events had occurred following the administration of the experimental H1N1 flu vaccine of 2009.

3. The misleading study directly served as the foundation for the strategically conceived, fraudulent CDC publicity campaign, deliberately allowing the press to specifically mislead pregnant women as well as the public at large with a headline that read, FLU SHOT IS SAFE FOR PREGNANT WOMEN. The worldwide press amplified the CDC’s entrenched position that all flu shots were absolutely safe for women at any stage during pregnancy. After all, there were only 23 fetal – demise reports in VAERS during the 19 flu seasons from 1990/91 through 2008/09 for a rate of 1.9 fetal – death reports per million pregnant women vaccinated. However, the more recent 2004/5 through 2008/9 flu seasons (where flu shots were recommended to women pregnant in their first trimester ) had a higher mean fetal – loss reports’ rate that was averaged with a lower rate found in 14 earlier flu seasons . Thus, in spite of the fact that it is statistically invalid to report a single mean rate for a bi modal distribution during that longitudinal period , Moro 1 intentionally averaged the data from the two distinctly different flu – season groups . Based on the flawed Moro 1 study, embargoed until the start of the 2010 flu season, the flu vaccine was promoted worldwide by the press as safe for pregnant women. The campaign included a CDC – initiated joint letter co – signed by 10 organizations targeting O B /GYNs nationwide, urging them to vaccinate their pregnant patients.

4. By the end of 2009, months before the first Moro 1 manuscript was submitted to AJOG in mid – 2010, the CDC, Dr. Moro, and his team were well aware of the significant spike in VAERS reports of spontaneous abortions and stillbirths following the administering of the 2009 A – H1N1 vaccine. Against a claimed background of roughly 1 flu – vaccination – related fetal death per year, actually more than 100 ‖ spontaneous abortion and stillbirth reports in temporal association with the 2009 A – H1N1 flu shot had already been submitt ed to VAERS and would have certainly been accessed by the Moro team of scientists. The final count was 174 fetal – death reports. That is, Dr. Moro and his team had to be well aware at the time they published in AJOG reporting that they found only 23 fetal – death reports to VAERS in 20 years , that there were, in fact, more than 100 fetal – death reports already registered in VAERS during the 2009 portion of the 2009 /10 flu season.

Clarified and put forward as the two – dose 2009/10 pandemic season, Goldman‘s lone voice pointed out uniquely in his rejected AJOG submission that the CDC had urged O B /G YN s to give pregnant women two flu vaccines, seasonal (the trivalent seasonal) and pandemic (the monovalent 2009 A – H1N1). Because the overwhelming majority of the doses of both inactivated – influenza vaccine formulations were preserved with Thimerosal and other doses contained a reduced level of Thimerosal , Goldman, therefore, asks the question never before publically considered in a peer – reviewed journal : Was there a synergistic toxicity associated with the 2 – dose 2009/10 season? The Goldman study found a total of 174 VAERS fetal – death reports in 2009/10 flu season as compared to 4 and 21 fetal – demise events in the prior 2008/9 and subsequent 2010/11 flu seasons, respectively. It is alarming that the CDC, in Moro 1 chose to hide from O B /G YN s and the public the two – dose Thimerosal anomaly – the massive spi ke in fetal – death reports to VAERS – as well as the potentially causal relationship between the two.

The CDC had to be aware of the VAERS data, the 40 – fold spike in fetal – demise reports relative to the prior year, or considered in light of the Moro study , the greater than 100 – fold increase relative to the annual mean of fetal – loss reports over the 19 prior flu seasons. The omission of the VAERS spike in the Moro 1 study led the press to believe that, since the study headlined ― 1990 – 2009 : ( a ) the pandemic A – H1N1 season of 2009(/10) was duly covered and ( b) no out – of – the – ordinary events had taken place. However, both Moro and the CDC knew better.

The question begs an answer as to whether : AJOG was innocently deceived by the vaccine agenda – driven CDC, AJOG was complicit with the CDC, or AJOG‘s reviewers were incompetent. How or why did the AJOG reviewers miss these flaws (and perhaps others) in both Moro studies? Why did the AJOG reviewer reject Dr. Goldman‘s submission, which in a most dignified spirit of academia, pointed out critical flaws in the Moro studies and highlighted the uniqueness of the A – H1N1 6 pandemic season for its 100 – fold increase in fetal deaths―heretofore un-discussed in the scientific community. Finally , most significantly, the Goldman study pointed out that it was the only flu season during which pregnant women could be concomitantly given two influenza vaccine shots, which in most cases delivered a double – dose of the neurotoxin Thimerosal (nominally 50 micrograms of mercury for 2 Thimerosal – preserved shots). Based on the FDA – accepted Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reference dose (RfD) for organic mercury (0.1 microgram of mercury per kilogram of body weight per day) this level of organic mercury exposure would only be safe for a pregnant women who weighed more than 500 kilograms (1102 pounds) on the day of injection …

CDC Lying About Safety of Tetanus Vaccine in Pregnancy

Infant Mortality Rates vs Vaccinations Before One Year

Infant mortality rates regressed against number of vaccine doses routinely given: Is there a biochemical or synergistic toxicity?

ABSTRACT: The infant mortality rate (IMR) is one of the most important indicators of the socio-economic well-being and public health conditions of a country. The US childhood immunization schedule specifies 26 vaccine doses for infants aged less than 1 year—the most in the world—yet 33 nations have lower IMRs. Using linear regression, the immunization schedules of these 34 nations were examined and a correlation coefficient of r = 0.70 (p < 0.0001) was found between IMRs and the number of vaccine doses routinely given to infants. Nations were also grouped into five different vaccine dose ranges: 12–14, 15–17, 18–20, 21–23, and 24–26. The mean IMRs of all nations within each group were then calculated. Linear regression analysis of unweighted mean IMRs showed a high statistically significant correlation between increasing number of vaccine doses and increasing infant mortality rates, with r = 0.992 (p = 0.0009). Using the Tukey-Kramer test, statistically significant differences in mean IMRs were found between nations giving 12–14 vaccine doses and those giving 21–23, and 24–26 doses. A closer inspection of correlations between vaccine doses, biochemical or synergistic toxicity, and IMRs is essential. …


Human and Experimental Toxicology 2011 Sep;30(9):1420-8.

Correlation does not equal causality of course, but it’s hard to think of other possible causal mechanisms here aside from the  obvious one, the number of vaccinations given before 1 year, which are widely acknowledged to be worthless to an immature immune system btw.   One would think that an increasing number of vaccinations would correlate with other increasing positive measures of medical care which would tend to lower the IMR.  Apparently vaccines are not the manna from heaven that they’re marketed to be.  What else does  vaccine “science” have wrong?

Note that there’s no hint of an “ideal” number of vaccinations below which the IMR rises as the vaccinations decrease.   The relationship appears to be linear.  The implication is that ANY vaccinations before the age of 1 year increase the probability of death.   Given that infants’ immune systems are too immature to make sense of vaccines (breast milk is immunization for a baby) it’s difficult to see how any knowledgeable physician could recommend vaccinating such children.

Also see and

Hillary Clinton deleted all email from personal server

Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign Is Now Effectively Over

Wall Street Warns Dems Not to Choose Senator Elizabeth Warren

Hillary Clinton’s unannounced campaign for the U.S. Presidency has already failed. Her arrogance (or else stupidity) in having wiped clean the hard drive of the private server she had used for her emails while she was the U.S. Secretary of State adds insult to the injury already done to her incipient campaign by the earlier revelation that she had evaded the State Department’s record-keeping system and had used her private server for all of her State Department emails and not only for her personal emails. (The NYT had headlined March 2nd: “Hillary Clinton Used Personal Email at State Dept., Possibly Breaking Rules.”)

CNN, early Saturday morning, March 28th, bannered the big follow-up, “Hillary Clinton deleted all email from personal server,” and reported that, “Hillary Clinton permanently deleted all the emails on the private server she used to do official business as secretary of state.” Ms. Clinton immediately responded to reporters’ questions by saying that nothing of importance to, or concerning, her State Department business, was on that server, and that she had recently sent to the investigator who is looking into this matter “roughly 30,000 emails” that related to State Department business. However, the public, and prosecutors, will now not be able to see the other emails (which she says were approximately 32,000), because she then had that server wiped clean. She says she had had this done because “no one wants their personal emails made public.”

In other words: the public would just have to trust her assertion that nothing related to government business was in those “personal emails.” …

Given all these theatrics it’s a fair bet that benghazi really was all about arming ISIS with weapons via libya, as so many have deduced.

BTW: Wolf Blitzer tries to pull a fast one in the CNN clip above, where he states there’s no possibility of recovering the data.  This is highly unlikely unless the hard disk was physically shredded.  That’s why her lawyer is refusing to give the server to congress.

Another ruse above is that wall street is warning the dems not to choose Elizabeth Warren, implying that she’s their enemy.   Unfortunately she’s already abandoned her demands to audit the federal reserve and give student loans via the fed’s discount window.   Is she being bribed, blackmailed or threatened?   Perhaps her children have been threatened?  In this country, at this time, absolutely anything is possible.

Video of Troops Training for Martial Law in Fort Lauderdale

The clip shows armed troops arresting role players on the street before a column of prisoners are marched towards a mock internment facility. Black Hawk helicopters are also seen whizzing between buildings.

The exercise was accompanied by very little media coverage. A Sun-Sentinel report said that Broward County police would be “assisting members of the U.S. Special Operations Forces who are undergoing urban warfare training.”

The drill, which was held in locations the military refused to disclose beforehand, began on March 17 and ended on Friday. 200 military personnel from all four branches, Air Force, Army, Marines and Navy, took part in the exercise.

“The goal is to prepare participants in realistic, unfamiliar training conditions before they deploy for combat overseas,” states the report. Residents were advised ”not to be alarmed by the Black Hawk helicopters in the sky.”

Broward County also saw similar drills back in March 2014, when Navy SEALS practicing storming a university building from a helicopter.

Concerns continue to circulate that such drills are designed for dual purpose and are part of a plan to acclimate Americans to accept martial law in a time of national emergency. As we have exhaustively documented, the fact that preparations are being made to use the military during domestic unrest is manifestly provable.

Jade Helm, an upcoming military drill that will involve nine states, caused controversy after Texas and Utah were labeled “hostile” territory in documents related to the exercise.

As we reported earlier this week, the exercise will involve soldiers operating “undetected amongst civilian populations,” to see if they can infiltrate without being noticed.

When these sheep-in-wolves-clothing are marching to their orders, will it occur to them how strangely convenient their training was, just in time for the collapse of the economy?

Real citizens aren’t afraid to think for themselves, whether in uniform or not.