Medical Martial Laws Passed or Pending in 33 States

We strongly oppose the proposed Emergency Health Powers Act, introduced as [NY state] Assembly Bill 9508. Let me explain why.

It is unprecedented in divesting power from the legislature, from this very committee, to the governor. The draft legislation gives the governor absolute authority for 60 days, with the legislature powerless during that period. Section 1024(3) divests the legislature of its power for a period of 60 days after a declaration of a health emergency by the governor.

This is a completely irrational – and unconstitutional — deprivation of legislative authority and responsibility. There is no justification for this shift in power from one branch of government to another. It means that a 2/3rd vote of the legislature cannot stop the governor during the 60 day period. Not even a unanimous vote of the legislature can do anything….

Why is the CDC asking state legislatures to give up their power in this unprecedented manner, when Congress itself would not and should not give up such power?

Some may think that a health emergency could require a complete change in government. But the greatest crisis of all – a national declaration of war – can only occur by an act of Congress. When a real crisis arises, legislative bodies are fully capable of acting quickly and forcefully. …

The scope of the draft legislation goes far beyond bioterrorism. It includes every disease “that poses a substantial risk of a significant number of human fatalities or incidents of permanent or long-term disability.” Section 1020.

Lyme disease in New York could be the basis for a declaration of a state of public health emergency by the governor under the draft bill. Likewise, Hepatitis B or any other widespread illness could be cited in declaring a health emergency.

The bill uses a definition of “infectious disease” that broadly includes virtually everything. It is defined to mean “a disease caused by a living organism … [that] may, or may not, be transmissible from person to person, animal to person, or insect to person.” Section 1003(6). That sweeps far too much within the ambit of the legislation.

Based on that definition, the governor could force everyone either to take the recently discontinued Lyme disease vaccine, or the Hepatitis B vaccine, or virtually any other vaccine. The bill states that: The department may … compel a person to be vaccinated and/or treated for an infectious disease.” Section 1043 & (1). No exceptions are in the bill for religious conviction or conscience.

The only medical exemption from the vaccine is “if the department has reason to know that a particular individual is likely to suffer from serious harm from the vaccination.” Section 1043(1)(b). So the individual must have a greater than 50% chance of being seriously injured, in the view of the department, which is not legally liable if it is negligent. Less than a 50% chance of serious injury does not qualify for the exception.

We have just seen a striking difference between the choices that individuals make about vaccination, in the face of a bioterrorist threat, compared to the views of health departments. The anthrax vaccine was declared safe and effective by the government, and there was a program requiring everyone in the military to take the vaccine. Soldiers who declined it were subjected to court martial.

After the anthrax attack hit, the vaccine was provided to postal workers and members of the media. Only about 2% elected to be vaccinated. Under the draft legislation, the governor could simply order everyone to be inoculated by the anthrax or other vaccine. The manufacturer’s incentive to improve the safety of the vaccine is lost if everyone is forced to take it.

We oppose many other provisions of the proposed legislation. If the health department, in its sole discretion, wants someone quarantined, it would be able to do so without adequate due process. It could order people out of their homes into dangerous quarantines, where there would be no guarantee of safety from violence or contagious disease. Children could be removed from parents, and thrown into public quarantines with others.

The mere potential of removing children from homes is very frightening to most parents. Difficult medical decisions, including whether to accept or deny treatment, should be made without the added worry of how a health department official may react. …

George Annas, Chairman of the Health Law Department at the Boston University School of Public Health, noted that “this law treats American citizens as if they were the enemy.” Citizens, and the legislature, can respond well to bioterrorism and other health crises under existing law. The anthrax attack did not even persuade 98% of postal workers and the media to take the vaccine.


The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (“AAPS”) opposes the Emergency Health Powers Act. We urge the legislature to defend its constitutional authority and responsibility in this area, and not grant these enormous powers to the state health department.

There’s a reason 98% of postal workers refused the anthrax vaccine.  They remembered what happened to US soldiers in the afghan and iraq wars (gulf war syndrome) due to an experimental adjuvant which the US government continues to deny was present in the anthrax vaccine, just as they pretend people haven’t figured out the implications of the fact that the anthrax spores which were mailed to the 2 main opponents of the patriot act in 2001, complete with letters praising jihad and allah, came from a US bioweapons lab .   What does that tell you about 9/11 all by itself?

And today the CDC continues to deny that vaccines can cause autism, they don’t even bother to screen kids for glutathione deficiency which is apparently 100% accurate in predicting vulnerability to autism before injecting them with vaccines that still contain mercury and aluminum .

These are not the actions of a legitimate government, and the proposed legislation has nothing to do with public safety.    But that hasn’t stopped legislators in 33 states from pushing this agenda:

Perhaps they need a “bioterrorist attack” to bring people into line.  It seems the 9/11 psyop is running out of steam.

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