How the vaccine-autism link is statistically obscured

It’s very simple: when autism first began to be widely recognized,  there was a careful and commonsensical delineation of early vs late onset autism in the literature, for obvious reasons: late-onset children were entirely normal until the onset of symptoms (typically between the age of 1 and 2), whereas early onset children were never normal.    This clear difference points to entirely differing causes: in early onset the brain damage happens before or at the time of birth (often, as it turns out, from immediate umbilical cord clamping, see my “munchausen obstetrics” letter above).  In late onset the brain damage occurs sometime after birth.

Today, these two groups are no longer recognized as distinct, and are lumped together for the purposes of statistical analysis.   So instead of perhaps 75% of late-onset children diagnosed after vaccination, the statistic becomes maybe 40% of all autistic children diagnosed after vaccination. Viola!   The correlation fades and another lucrative medical research industry is born.

The claim being made today is that the parents of late-onset kids simply didn’t notice that their children were autistic at first.   The fact that this claim has been taken seriously in the research community is symptomatic of a seriously autistic and conflicted medical culture.

And by the way, the typical age of late onset autism correlates very well with the CDC’s militantly aggressive vaccination schedule, which calls for the equivalent of up to 13 vaccines to be administered simultaneously at the age of 15 months.

Where is the research showing that multiple simultaneous vaccinations act independently in the body?  There is none that I know of, and it’s entirely plausible that multiple foreign proteins introduced simultaneously in conjunction with the cumulative dose of preservatives and adjuvants might create a broad immunological scattershot response that is more likely to target the body’s own proteins, leading to autoimmune disease which has already been associated with autism.

But heck, I’m not a PhD medical researcher or even a fascist eugenicist masquerading as one.    What do I know?

Here’s another way the data is being obscured:

Aluminum Vaccines: American Medicine’s Love and Devotion to Your Child

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