FDA is hiding 22 fraudulent studies

Professor Charles Seife of the Arthur L. Carter Institute of Journalism at New York University recently uncovered some disturbing evidence about the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This information came to light when he made a Freedom of Information request earlier this year. When Seife received his information, he learned that 22 clinical trials submitted to the FDA were falsified, and the results of these falsified trials were not revealed to the public.

With his students assisting him, Professor Seife compared the FDA’s actions regarding these trials against information on them in peer-reviewed studies. The results of Seife’s investigation were recently published in the online journal, JAMA Internal Medicine. In short…

  • The FDA is keeping the public in the dark about scientific fraud
  • How could the FDA allow falsified studies to be published?
  • The evidence is clear: The FDA does not care about public safety

See much more at FDA is hiding 22 fraudulent studies | Natural Health 365.

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