Fight the Eugenicists with the “Food Babe Way”

Especially if you have kids, you need to read the labels.

Kellogg’s & General Mills: Drop the BHT From Your Cereal – Like You Do In Other Countries!

Today, I’m launching a petition to ask Kellogg’s and General Mills, the world’s largest cereal companies, to drop the preservative BHT from all of their cereals like they do in other countries.

It’s hard to imagine a world without cereal. Like so many of you, I grew up eating it almost every day. I discovered that many of the most popular cereals in America, like Rice Krispies and Cinnamon Toast Crunch, contain the chemical Butylated Hydroxytoluene, otherwise known as “BHT”.

Companies like Kellogg’s and General Mills do not use this ingredient in cereals in other countries.

They took BHT out of cereals completely, and replaced it with safer alternatives in Europe – but continue to sell cereals with BHT here in North America. This chemical should not be in our food!

  • BHT is not proven safe! It’s linked to cancer (1) in some animals studies and is an endocrine disruptor that interferes with hormones (2).
  • The approval of BHT as a food additive has been called one of the worst failures of our regulatory system by the respected Environmental Working Group and is included in their list of dirty dozen food additives (3).
  • The Center For Science In The Public Interest (CSPI) classifies BHT as a “Caution” ingredient (4) that is unnecessary, is easily replaced by safe substitutes, and to avoid it when possible.
  • There’s conflicting data about whether BHT promotes the growth of tumors, and its research is controversial (5) – too controversial to allow it in our food! The European Food Safety Authority (6) notes that short-term and subchronic toxicity study findings are inconsistent. BHT simply hasn’t been proven safe and researchers agree that more studies need to be conducted.

Millions of children are eating this risky additive for the most important meal of the day.

Someone needs to tell her about the fluoride in baby “formula” water and the aluminum in baby formula powder.