Kelloggs Targets Kids with GMO Corn, Soy and Roundup

Independent DNA lab testing has verified that 100% of the corn in Kellogg’s Froot Loops is genetically modified corn, containing DNA sequences known to be present in insecticide producing Bt and Roundup Ready corn.

The soy also contained DNA sequences known to be present in Roundup Ready GMO soy. What’s more, tests documented the presence of glyphosate at 0.12 mg/kg, the main chemical ingredient of Monsanto’s best-selling Roundup weedkiller.

What to Expect From Your Doctor When You Say No to Vaccines

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Who is training your doctor to teach you to obey him?

Listen to a few doctors trying to sell a parent on circumcision and vaccinations and it becomes obvious there is a “universal script”, and every point in the script is an appeal to fear.

The Public Relations industry early on aligned itself with wealthy medical organizations that needed help to convince the American public that allopathic doctors – and only they – should be considered in matters of health. They have turned  medical “science” into a religion, with doctors as priests, nurses as nuns, hospitals as churches, surgery as a rite and pharmaceuticals as sacraments. Anyone who questions is a heretic – and woe be to he who is excommunicated.

Hippocrates is surely turning over in his grave. His advice was simple: “Let food be your medicine, and medicine be your food.”

As more parents have become aware of the risks and side effects of vaccines, many vaccination rates have been declining. Pharmaceutical companies and doctors alike are concerned about this awakening, so they have created training materials to help vaccine providers handle what one manual refers to as “vaccine-hesitant parents.”

When you take your child to their health care provider for a visit, you may have a list of questions to ask them about vaccines. You might be wondering about the risk of autism, the side effects of a vaccine, or the damaging effect dozens of vaccines will have on your child’s immune system.

And, your child’s doctor will have answers: the ones they are trained to give you. Organizations such as the World Health Organization and the National Academy of Pediatrics, two names you might trust but should not, have created brief manuals for doctors, nurse practitioners, physician’s assistants, and even pharmacists, teaching them how to successfully deal with parents who question or refuse vaccines. [1] [2]

Who Is Really Training Your Child’s Doctor?

Let’s find out who wrote these training materials.

A online publication of the journal Pediatrics instructs doctors and other health care providers how to respond to parents who question vaccination. One of the authors of that paper, Dr. C. Mary Healy, served on an advisory board for Novartis vaccines. She also received a research grant from Sanofi Pastuer. Your child’s doctor will tell you what Dr. Healy said to say, but your child’s doctor won’t tell you that Dr. Healy was under the influence of Big Pharma when she wrote the script. [3]

Another author of the training material, Dr. Larry Pickering, worked for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Emory University, both of which have strong ties to vaccine manufactures. Emory University owns a significant amount of stock in a vaccine company called GeoVax. If you want to learn more about why Emory University is a suspicious organization that should not be trusted, read this informative article. [4]

Another easy-to-read training publication, perfect for busy, overworked doctors who don’t have time to research vaccines in depth, was created by the World Health Organization (WHO). WHO receives more funding from organizations than it does from its member nations, including the Rockefeller Foundation, which has ties to many large vaccine companies and owns more than half of pharmaceutical interests in the US. [5, 6]

What’s Inside These Vaccine-Funded Training Guides?

Find out more at Natural Health News and Wellness Tips: What to Expect From Your Doctor When You Say No to Vaccines.

Doctor Educating Public on Vaccines Receives Bomb Threats, Cancels Tour

A press release on January 27th from long time expert and vaccine educator Dr. Sherri Tenpenny announced that she has cancelled speaking appearances scheduled for Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, and Gold Coast. The reason was due to pro-vaccine extremists calling for violence and making bomb threats against venue owners and their families in some cities originally scheduled for the healthy living seminars.

Fellow vaccine lecturer Stephanie Messenger, who jointly decided to cancel her appearances along with Dr. Tenpenny, states that:

“We have reached a point where we can no longer guarantee the safety of those attending the seminar. Some people were planning to bring babies. The threats have been persistent. We are not able to insure that the attendees would be safe from harm.”

Unfortunately, the ones making these threats are still at large.

These actions mirror a certain level of hypocrisy that is a constant undercurrent witnessed from mainstream media regarding people who question vaccines. The blackout of coverage was thought to be prompted by the senior CDC researcher Dr. William Thompson’s bombshell whistle blower testimonial that vaccines reportedly showed a 340% increase in autism in some children. The few times the mainstream media does decide to tackle the subject of autism and vaccinations, the coverage is shockingly clueless, one sided, and authoritarian.

It started with CNN health correspondent Elizabeth Cohen arrogantly attempting to end the conversation of unsafe vaccines by talking down to her dwindling audience the words “vaccines are safe. Autism is not a side effect of vaccines. Or to say it another way because some people don’t hear this well, vaccines don’t cause autism.” Coming shortly after Dr. Thompson’s public statements, the timing of Cohen’s rhetoric were reckless at best.

But as one example of this being false, the Flulaval manufacturer’s insert states, among other concerning things, the following legal admission and warning, “8.4 Pediatric Use: Safety and effectiveness of FLULAVAL in pediatric patients have not been established…there have been no controlled trials adequately demonstrating a decrease in influenza disease after vaccination with FLULAVAL.”

This begs the question, what was Cohen talking about?

Next up was Nancy Grace attempting to put to rest the myth that vaccines are not safe. Unfortunately, while covering a story of a vaccine injured child, she too did not do her homework and was shocked to learn on air that individuals cannot sue the vaccine manufacturers if damage occurs. This, a fact that is not told to patients by doctors and nurses before injecting, is known all too well by every family who’s children have suffered injury and are looking for answers.

This week, it appeared that the third time was going to be the charm as CBS health contributor Dr. Holly Phillips tried her hand at the pro-vaccination talking point game on The Nightly Show. After host Larry Gilmore’s nice ten minute lead up of second rate jokes about people who question the safety of vaccines, Dr. Phillps said :

“This isn’t the first time that groups of people have questioned overwhelming amounts of science. There’s this little thing called climate change I don’t know if you’ve heard of that.”

I wonder if she talked to Dr. Thompson directly since he and his colleagues write and conduct the “science” and studies that she relies on and quotes from. With more info coming out and scores of Dr. Thompson’s documents still being reviewed, it borders on irresponsible for health professionals to instantly strike down the very question of safety from vaccines which at the end of the day remain a private corporation’s product. …


Putin’s Ultimate Move To Crush The EU And NATO

As fighting in Ukraine continues to intensify, today former U.S. Treasury official, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, spoke with King World News about Putin’s ultimate move to crush the EU and NATO.  He also warned that the West may be handing the keys to victory to China and Russia. 

Dr. Roberts:  “Eric, right now there are a great many things in the financial system that can blow up but the real blow up is going to require flight from the dollar and the euro.  Once that happens, they can’t bail out the banks, the derivatives or the sovereign bonds.

In the short-term, while they can still print money, they can keep this rigged system standing.  But the minute the value of both the dollar and the euro start collapsing, that’s when the game is over.  Both of these currencies have increased in quantity far beyond the ability of the underlying economies to provide goods and  services.  When the flight comes there will be no way to stave off the instabilities that currently exist in the system.

There is the potential for a massive black swan to develop because of the Greek crisis and the election of the new government.  This will unfold if the German banks, the creditors of Greece and the EU politicians refuse to accommodate the legitimate needs of the Greek government. 

The Greeks must renegotiate the harsh conditions that have been put on their country in order to solve their sovereign debt problem.  The current agreement as it exists is intolerable to the Greeks and it can’t stand.  But if the Germans and the other Greek creditors don’t agree, you could see an alliance between the Greeks and the Russians.

The BRICS now have this IMF-type bank and they have funded it with $100 billion.  Putin now sees that he has the opportunity to break the Greeks off from the EU and from NATO.  The BRICS bank would step in and help the Greeks with their debt-servicing problems.  That could be the beginning of the unraveling of the European Union and  NATO.

You have to remember, Eric, that Italy, Spain and Portugal will be watching this situation with Greece very carefully.  These countries still face the same kind of threats that are being applied to Greece.  And of course the Irish have suffered dramatically under the austerity imposed on them.

So if these countries see that Europe will not ameliorate the hardships that have been imposed on them by these austerity programs, and these countries turn to Russia, China and India — the BRICS — you would then see a total breakdown in the EU system.  This is a system where the banks get countries in debt and then they send in the IMF to impose austerity….

Effects of Early Mother-Infant Separation One Year Later


Background: A tradition of separation of the mother and baby after birth still persists in many parts of the world, including some parts of Russia [and the USA -rw], and often is combined with swaddling of the baby. The aim of this study was to evaluate and compare possible long-term effects on mother-infant interaction of practices used in the delivery and maternity wards, including practices relating to mother-infant closeness versus separation.

Methods:A total of 176 mother-infant pairs were randomized into four experimental groups: Group I infants were placed skin-to-skin with their mothers after birth, and had rooming-in while in the maternity ward. Group II infants were dressed and placed in their mothers’ arms after birth, and roomed-in with their mothers in the maternity ward. Group III infants were kept in the nursery both after birth and while their mothers were in the maternity ward. Group IV infants were kept in the nursery after birth, but roomed-in with their mothers in the maternity ward. Equal numbers of infants were either swaddled or dressed in baby clothes. Episodes of early suckling in the delivery ward were noted. The mother-infant interaction was videotaped according to the Parent-Child Early Relational Assessment (PCERA) 1 year after birth.

Results:The practice of skin-to-skin contact, early suckling, or both during the first 2 hours after birth when compared with separation between the mothers and their infants positively affected the PCERA variables maternal sensitivity, infant’s self-regulation, and dyadic mutuality and reciprocity at 1 year after birth. The negative effect of a 2-hour separation after birth was not compensated for by the practice of rooming-in. These findings support the presence of a period after birth (the early “sensitive period”) during which close contact between mother and infant may induce long-term positive effect on mother-infant interaction. In addition, swaddling of the infant was found to decrease the mother’s responsiveness to the infant, her ability for positive affective involvement with the infant, and the mutuality and reciprocity in the dyad.

Conclusions:Skin-to-skin contact, for 25 to 120 minutes after birth, early suckling, or both positively influenced mother-infant interaction 1 year later when compared with routines involving separation of mother and infant.;jsessionid=0B377074F733762376BF53B85EE2BA5E.f01t03?deniedAccessCustomisedMessage=&userIsAuthenticated=false

Silly babies, they don’t understand medical protocols.

This is not new knowledge.   Horse and other animal trainers have been applying this principle for centuries.

I have an idea: let’s  induce delivery on demand (miscarriage) with pitocin (life-threatening IMPRINTED trauma and perceived maternal rejection 1) immediately clamp that untidy umbilical cord (depriving the baby of oxygen and blood and forcing gasping into  blood-starved and virgin lungs, resulting in subtle brain damage and months of anemia: life-threatening imprinted trauma 2), “swaddle” the baby in a sensory deprivation and immobilizing straight jacket (psychological torture, trauma 3), put it in an “isolette” (seriously, that’s what it’s called) so s/he can sob in misery while the mother is begging to hold her baby, and if it’s lucky enough to be born a male in the klingon empire, after awhile you can tie him down to a circumstraint, masturbate him to get an erection ( ) and then slowly and carefully slice open, peel back, gently crush in a vise and cut off the most sensitive part of his body.   Without anesthetic, of course.   Just a little sado-masochistic torture and sensory/ecstacy lobotomy. All while the baby’s brain is exploding with new neural connections.   I wish I was making this stuff up.

Eventually the survivor will be returned to the traumatized mother whose hormones are so messed up by pitocin, epidurals and constant medical harassment she can’t breast feed so the baby has to suck fluoridated and aluminized industrial effluent from a plastic nipple (depriving it of essential fatty acids, bonding hormones, immunity builders, probiotics and they don’t know what else) until it’s ready to start eating at mcdonalds.

And that’s just for starters.   All this physical and psychological trauma sets off a cascade of physical and psychological problems that result in life-long financial harvesting for the medical establishment.  Look at the wikipedia entry for “hispanic paradox”.

Also see

And then there’s the impact of genital mutilation on marital dysfunction and divorce rates, and imprinted trauma on parenting and empathic behaviors.

This is how it’s been done in this country for decades.  Only now in response to losing business to midwives are these brainwashed psychopaths ( ) grudgingly starting to adapt their business to rising public consciousness.   But the vaccination scam is still resulting in brain damage and immune dysfunction.

This is a massive social control psyop.  Satanism is perpetuated by the intergenerational repetition of trauma.  Satanists are re-enacting their own trauma and misery and some of them become doctors.

American medicine is a satanist factory.   It’s just good business.

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