Sadopedophiles at CDC Push for Universal MGM

It sounds like a conspiracy. The government is about to officially sanction intentional harming of infants. They want medical personnel to pressure parents to accept infant, child, even teen circumcision. Not only is the move based on faulty data and reasoning, it is unethical.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) want to make it official doctrine: for doctors to pressure parents into agreeing to circumcise their male children, whether at birth or in the teen years. The comment period for their new guidelines closes on January 15, 2015.

Why infant circumcision is irrational

The advocates use the wrong baseline for their arguments. The foreskin is there for good reason, including for sexual pleasure in both male and female over the lifespan. Most men in most parts of the world for the overwhelming vast majority of history have intact penises. Just because Americans, Jews and Muslims have high rates, does not make it “normal” or “good.”

Circumcision advocates say it will prevent disease. The data are old and unreliable. But babies don’t get penile cancer or HIV from sexual activity. So the argument that infants should be circumcised for prevention of these diseases does not hold water.

Besides, the rates are so small for these diseases in adults, that there must be other causes (or else it would be obvious that having a foreskin is a danger). ….

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