Look UP, Friends! Take note! Speak out!

Most people, it seems, are so busy watching the sidewalk and the road, doing what they have to do to simply survive in this world that they don’t often look up to see what is happening above their heads. Let me tell you, the haze we live under is not a natural sky. The natural sky is deep blue, clean, clear and beautiful. The haze is manmade and contains many chemicals that are hazardous to life in all its forms: animals, birds, fish, fruits, vegetables and humans.

It’s as if we are bugs in a jar, being sprayed with Raid.

Real airplane condensation trails are short and narrow. They evaporate quickly. Chemtrails, on the other hand, begin thin, but they stretch from horizon to horizon and they spread out, to cover the sky and pollute the land, water and air. Our unwise and unkind “deciders” have interpreted our silence as permission. Withdraw your permission – “Just say no!”

Secret Chemtrail Pilot Speaks

Environmental Scientists Eugene Franklin Mallove, Juventina Villa Mojica and Dorothy Stang were murdered after releasing lab test results linking chemtrails to the mass death of fish, plant and animal life.


Scientist and researcher Rosalind Peterson confirms at the U.N. that chemtrails / geoengineering / SRM are very real.

Don’t know about or believe in chemtrails? Don’t miss this video of a courageous military whistleblower.

Aluminum, barium and strontium, for starters.

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