Bulgarian Demolished His House Just Before the Bank Could Repossess it

I have heard stories of people who wrecked their houses as they moved out, forced out by the banks, but this is the first one I heard of someone actually demolishing the entire house. I guess the loan was for the building materials and labor needed to build the house, so only the house actually belonged to the bank.

At the end of 2013 a man from Lovech-Bulgaria could not afford to pay the mortgage for his house, so he spent his last penny to have it demolished it right before the bankers took it away.

The land the house was built on was not included in the mortgage so the family decided to destroy the house and give it to its new owner. The remains of the building were loaded on a big truck and moved to the central district office of the bank in the city of Teteven, where the contract for the mortgage had been signed.

The man and his whole family entered the office and started crying and begging for mercy, but the director said that they couldn’t make exceptions and the family had a week to vacant the house.

Imagine the director’s face after the family left the office and his precious new house was unloaded in front of the bank’s main entrance…

*Translated from Bulgarian by Yela Cado. See www.dnesplus.bg

Story at He Demolished His House Just Before the Bank Could Take it Away – A Truck Delievered the Remains in Front of the Bank | Humans Are Free.

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