Video: Freedom From Choice

We have an idea: we’ll steal whatever we want from you on whatever time scale we want (a midnight raid or a lifetime of fake debt servitude), impose whatever surgical mutilations and injections we want, brainwash, drug and push fake food on your kids, put you in prison if you resist, and call it freedom.  We are a large group of similarly treated people that some call “The State”.   We have many ancestors, ethnicities, religions, “scientific” dogmas, appeals to tradition and white collar fraud schemes.   We even have fictitious persona’s like the Borg in Star Trek.  But our underlying structure is that whatever worked for us in our lives has to work for you and your children or you’re a dangerous subversive.   This is the ideology of totalitarianism.   And when you add financial incentives and invisible networks of mutual blackmail from criminal activity, it becomes a business model.   So do what you’re told, keep your head down and maybe we’ll spare you for a little while longer while we continue to recruit more predator drones into the system.   You see, sheep in wolves’ clothing are far more dangerous than wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Why is raw milk illegal to buy or sell, but not to consume? How are pharmaceutical drugs classified as safe by the FDA without any independent testing? And why is the government so eager to bail out some failing companies?

This film outlines how our croni-capitalist system has led to excessive and sometimes absurd laws which limit our freedom of choice.

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