Putin Signs New Military Doctrine: Names NATO, US As Main Foreign Threat

Last week, after the unanimous passage of the Ukraine Freedom Support Act of 2014 in Congress, which made legal the provision of US “lethal aid” to Kiev and which Russia blasted as an act of aggression and promised that it would merely accelerate the deterioration of relations between Russia and the west, we wrote that “World Awaits Russian Response As Obama Makes “Lethal Aid” To Ukraine Legal.” We didn’t have long to wait: one short hour ago, Putin adopted an updated version of its military doctrine, which “reflects the emergence of new threats against its national security” and which names both the NATO military buildup on Russia’s borders, as well as the US and the destabilized situation in some regions (read Ukraine) as the main foreign threats to Russian security. The doctrine update also, for the first time, put protection of Russian national interest in the Arctic (read oil and nat gas) among the key priorities for Russia’s armed forces.

In other words, Putin is not only not backing down, but has once again explicitly warned NATO that any western action, either in Ukraine or elsewhere, will have a proportional response. …


Russia also has a distinct military advantage of actually valuing and nurturing their children, unlike the USA, where kids are little more than a nuisance to the state until they become human resources.  The result is that russians tend to be smarter in the sciences than americans.  Just my (admittedly limited) personal observation.  Sorry for making my fellow americans uncomfortable.  But frankly it’s outrageous how kids are treated in this country, from birth to adulthood.  We don’t even need an external adversary.  Medical quackery will be our downfall.

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