Obama and the New Aristocracy

U.S. President Barack Obama has blocked accountability, everywhere he can.

(1) Obama did it for the top officials who had caused illegal tortures to be used by the Government.

(2) Obama did it also for the top officials who had caused mega-banks to crash in 2008 (whose crimes have, in turn, led to taxpayer-bailouts of the banks that they ran and often still run, all courtesy of Bush-Obama). In order to keep their Ponzi-economy going, his Administration (including his Federal Reserve) is now letting Wall Street’s federally-backstopped mega-banks “Enron”-ize the commodities markets: oil, gas, coal, metals, even uranium, and (yet again) electricity.

(3) Obama did it also for the top officials (led by G.W. Bush himself) who had caused a certain country, which posed no threat to us, to be invaded by us in 2003, and subsequently to produce over $3 trillion in economic losses for the U.S., plus thousands of pointless deaths, and millions of unnecessary refugees, and the resulting development of today’s fanatical ISIS: this country that was raped by the U.S. is, of course, Iraq — and an unprovoked and totally propaganda-based invasion of any country is an international war crime, but the U.S. did such a thing, and no one has been punished for having done it, nor even (such as Condoleezza Rice) for having participated in it.

Obama blocked accountability, even for that  enormous crime, which was a crime against not only Iraq, but also against America itself, especially against the veterans, who suffer greatly, even today, from the hell Bush and his co-conspirators wrought there.

The masterminds, the planners, and the liars, for that invasion, have all been unprosecuted by Obama, just as they were unprosecuted by their originator and mega-criminal, President George W. Bush.

By contrast, to compare against Obama’s record of non-prosecutions against these elite mega-criminals — these people who were never held accountable for anything, but who produced immense damages to Americans and to people around the world — Obama is simply an ordinary President in his record of charging and prosecuting crimes by the far-more-numerous categories of non-elite crooks, these being the violators who had failed their responsibilities, as opposed to those elite criminals, whom Obama prohibited from being prosecuted for having violated their accountabilities. (As examples of Obama’s enforcing  responsibilities, consider that, on 31 December 2008, 21 days before Obama became President, the total population in U.S. federal prisons was 201,280. By the time of 31 December 2012, after four years with him as President, it was 217,815, or 8.2% larger. But, then, both federal and state prison populations started a decline; and, as of 16 October 2014, the federal prison population is 213,901, which still is 6.3% higher than when Obama first entered office. So, when an American has failed his responsibilities under law, Obama has been fairly harsh, he has not  left those crimes unprosecuted, and unpunished.) …..


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