Idiots and Federal Agents Celebrate Killing Cops

There is a disturbing phenomenon that unfortunately must be addressed.  Criminals and their supporters are creating chaos and undermining peaceful efforts to step back the police state.

On June 8th, Jerad Miller and his wife Amanda walked into a Las Vegas restaurant and murdered two police officers while they ate lunch.  On July 13th, Lawrence Campbell staged an ambush at a Jersey City pharmacy and murdered a police officer who responded to the call. On September 12th, Eric Frein used a rifle to ambush and murder a Pennsylvania State Trooper as he walked to his car. On December 20th, Ismaaiyl Brinsley walked up to a police cruiser and murdered the two officers sitting inside it.

In each case, the perpetrator(s) sought out police officers at random with the express purpose of murdering them because of their profession. Each perpetrator initiated the confrontation. Each committed a deliberate, cowardly attack on people who had done nothing and had no chance to defend themselves.

The most disturbing bit of commonality between these cases is that a certain subset of people have shown sympathy for killing police officers, or even openly celebrated the murders. To see some examples, check out this revolting collection of social media posts released after the most recent murder. Comments ranged from “I’m glad” to “Salute the shooter.” …

Whose interests does it serve to start a war between protesters and cops?  The overlords who are wrecking both of their lives.

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