CIA Reigns Over Congress with Impunity

CIA officials will not face charges for peeping into the Senate’s activity, according to a recently released executive summary of the famous report on ‘torture practices’ within the agency.  Investigators have been advised not seek punishment for the Central Intelligence Agency’s inquiry of a computer network utilized by Senate Intelligence Committee staff.

The scandal boiled over the CIA’s meddling into the committee’s activities while Democrats were analyzing a “torture report” concerning the agency. The report was discharged last week and showed that the CIA made use of ruthless interrogation procedures against suspected terrorists, with debatable efficacy.

The board incriminated five CIA heads which supposedly requested and performed computer investigations.  The alleged culprits stated, in their defense, that their activity was legitimate and carried out at the command of CIA chief John O. Brennan, as indicated by the New York Times. Consequently, the aforementioned accusations will not lead to any penalties for the authorities as the board plans to condemn the institution for its activities and does not seek to target specific officials. …

Uh, debatable efficacy?  No.  Not debatable.  It’s long been established that torture does not produce reliable information and is mainly good for terrorizing the people (i.e. the american people) and producing false confessions.  A perfect fit for a terrorist organization like the CIA.  In any case the senate report is a whitewash.   The CIA has long practiced nazi-style torture techniques and taught classes on torture to some of the most repressive regimes in the world, instituting  death squad “democracies” where sweat shops that destroyed US domestic manufacturing could be imposed.   Does this sound like something worthy of your tax dollars?  But don’t worry, they have so many side businesses like drug running that they aren’t dependent on taxes.