UK: Who Controls MI6?

Ex-MI6 chief Peter Hayman named as VIP who sexually abused boys at Dolphin Square apartment complex near Parliament

The former deputy director of MI6 Peter Hayman sexually abused young boys at an apartment complex near Parliament, an alleged victim has claimed. 

Hayman, who died in 1992, was investigated by police in 1978 for possessing inappropriate literature, but was not prosecuted.

He has been named as one of a number of paedophiles by a man, now in his forties, who claims to have been abused over a period of three years at Dolphin Square.

The information has been passed to Scotland Yard to consider as part of its investigation into historic allegations of sexual abuse at Westminster.

Hayman, referred to as a diplomat, was pointed out in a photograph shown to man, ‘Nick’, by Exaro, an investigative news website.

‘He used to like to kiss and to touch, liked me to do that to him.

‘But it would always culminate in being raped. That is what happened all the time.

‘That was normal,’ he said.

Starting in 1979, when he was just 11, Nick claims to have been abused by a number of VIPs in the luxury apartment complex.

‘Hayman was rather cold, but then a lot of them were – emotionless.

‘He does not feature big for me, as some of the others do. He was not one of the nasty ones,’ he added.

At the time he thought Hayman was an MP for all the time he spent mixing with politicians, he said….

This stuff isn’t random and it isn’t isolated.  There is a network of blackmailed government officials in key positions in  both the UK and US.  Who controls them?  Do we really have a government any more, or is it just a PR front?

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