UK Parliament Discusses Nature of Money

From (Stephen Zarlenga):

Dear Friends of the American Monetary Institute,

The British Parliament on Thursday, November 20th 2014, held an historic debate on the nature of Money and how it is created!

Had you been signed up on our red arrows box at our home page (, you could have watched this live, because we put out a notice to our free “red arrows” subscribers some days in advance almost a week ago. But now you can still watch it on the Brit Parliaments archive at:

I highly recommend that you do this soon in a relaxed atmosphere. The debate lasts a couple of hours and contains some really key concepts on the nature of money and how it should be issued.

Its also a really good lesson in how politics can be a polite and serious exchange of ideas, not at all the kind of crap we Americans are subjected to. That in itself is an important lesson. They refer to each other – across the hall to the opposing side as “honorable gentlemen,” and they really mean it, AND it really turns out to be true!

Please do take a look. Particularly at the comments by MP Meecher; and MP Austen Mitchell, who was responsible for having me give an address at the Brit House of Lords in 2004. My talk lasted 2 hours (they have a much longer attention span over there than we do) and it is posted in its entirety at our homepage at It’s really pretty good!

Discussion starts at 11:18.

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