Illegal NSA Spying: Real Reporter Refuses to Divulge Sources

James Risen is being punished as an example to the rest of us.

He blew open the story on illegal NSA wiretapping of Americans.

Of course, the government retaliated. They are trying to force him to reveal his sources.

A real reporter, he refuses.

He fought all the way to the Supreme Court – and lost.

He states that he will go to jail if he has to – and he probably will.

So our government protects illegal activities and punishes whistleblowers for revealing said activities.

Can someone please read them the First Amendment to remind them what freedom of the press means?

And how is it the NSA is unfamiliar with the obvious fact that 9/11,   al-qaeda and the WOT were entirely manufactured for the purpose of invading the middle east and africa?   Of course the management knows it very well.  Again they resort to plausible deniability, but in this case it’s simply not plausible.

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