Google Storing DNA from Medical Dragnet for Eugenics, Targeted Killing

No of course it wouldn’t be used for those purposes.  Our masters are kind and generous!     And look at the dedication of the monks in the medical “profession”, serving up our bodies’ secrets as a sacrifice in the high temple of “science”.   Where is your gratitude that they’ve allowed you to exist for so long?

Google’s plan to store entire copies of the human genome online is edging closer to reality. With 3,500 genomes already stored on its servers and more medical institutes jumping onboard, the blueprint of every person on Earth could soon be in the cloud.

The potentially game-changing project, called Google Genomics, has now been quietly moving forward for a year and a half.

Perhaps with so many ambitious plans coming out of the company’s secretive Google X research and development division, from nanobots to sniff out cancer to tremor-canceling spoons for Parkinson’s patients, it’s easy for even deeply ambitious projects to get overlooked.

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RT first wrote about the search giant’s plan to create individual genome databases in July, but even promotional videos hashing out the details of the project attracted just 5,000 views over the past four months….

Here’s the most blatant aspect of the eugenics I’m talking about.  Contrary to eugenical myth, the delineation between “health” and “sickness” is obviously not just a function of genetics, it’s a function of the interaction of the environment with genetics.   The nazi philosophy which pervades the “health” research establishment would have you believe that there’s something inherently wrong with the genetics of autistic children for instance, not the interaction of their genetics with their state-managed environment.  But human genetics has evolved for millennia in the absence of injected mercury, aluminum, squalene ( ) and a multitude of foreign proteins and organisms (vaccination) and it was only very recently that human (i.e. mammalian) mothers began denying their babies breast milk by feeding them mass-produced junk food whose only similarity to breast milk is that it looks white.  ( )

Under such unprecedented environmental stressors, some fraction of the human population is guaranteed to get “sick”, as judged by medical ideology.  But this is in fact a value judgement which implicitly holds the “need” of the state to mass-produce immunological profiles to facilitate concentrating malnourished kids in state-managed indoctrination facilities without creating epidemics,  and its “need” to enslave women in the work force to maximize their utility to the state, above the rights of human families to nurture their children as they’ve tried to do while under increasing state encroachment for centuries.   It comes down to whether the state exists for the needs of humans or vice versa.  This is what eugenics has always been about.

Similar arguments could be made about heart disease and cancer (caused by pollution and pseudo food) and of course “mental illness” (circumcision, obstetrical abuse, public “education”, mass marketed alienation, engineered family atomization etc).  And this new assault on human bio- and social diversity is marketed as progress.

The first application of information technology to “health” in this sense occurred in the nazi concentration camps, thanks to IBM.

It’s all about culling the herd and social control.  Nothing more.  And the children of the so-called “elite” have been subject to precisely this ideology of state management of child rearing (medical birthing, circumcision and remote boarding schools) for centuries.  That’s why they’re crazy.  Their brains have been empathically lobotomized.

The War on Empathy, Love and Family

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