Eugenicist Enforcer UN Decries US States’ Toleration of Pot Use

There could hardly be a more convincing case that people need to judge the UN by its deeds, not its platitudes.  There’s a reason the rockefellers donated the land for the UN headquarters in NYC.  It’s unrealistic to think that the termites which have corrupted the US government haven’t also burrowed into the UN.   The difference is the UN doesn’t have to maintain a facade of public accountability.

After two more states and the District of Columbia nullified the marijuana prohibition regimes of the United Nations and the federal government, the UN blasted the move as not being “compatible” with what the dictator-dominated organization likes to describe as “international law.” The UN’s drug czars said the same thing after Colorado and Washington State nullified federal statutes and UN agreements in 2012, when voters in those states became the first in America to end the decades-old ban on the controversial substance. The UN even called on Obama to quash the measures in defiance of the U.S. Constitution and the will of voters.

However, for now at least, the widely ridiculed UN still has no power to enforce its demands even if they were legitimate. Beyond that, legal analysts and UN critics said the real issue is not marijuana or even prohibition. Instead, it is the ongoing and increasingly aggressive attacks on the U.S. Constitution and the accelerating inference in the domestic affairs of the United States by an international body dominated by autocracies. Regardless of one’s views on marijuana, then, the UN has exactly zero business meddling in the decisions and governance of the American people. …

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