Ebola: Francis Boyle Interviewed by Dave Lindorf

Host Dave Lindorff discusses two horrors in the news with guests Francis Boyle and Linn Washington. Boyle,  prominent international law expert who wrote the US law passed in the 1980s banning germ warfare, which brought the US under the Geneva Convention against Germ Warfare, tells how the Ebola epidemic in west Africa can be traced to a US weapons lab located in Sierra Leone. Boyle claims that US medical experts at the CDC and National Institutes of Health know this, and that this is why the US has not sent physicians there into harm’s way. The Washington, an investigative journalist and colleague of Lindorff’s at thiscantbehappening.net, talks about a law just passed in Pennsylvania that would allow crime victims to see to gag prisoners and even ex-cons from saying or writing anything that might cause them “mental anguish,”  an astonishing assault on the First Amendment that has far-reaching consequences for us all.