Demand the FCC Enact Real Net Neutrality

Today, across the United States, Internet users are gathering for an emergency vigil calling on the FCC to protect the open Internet. We’ll be at the one here in San Francisco at 6pm in front of Civic Center Plaza, and we hope you’ll make it one near you. Our friends at Fight for the Future who are organizing the nationwide protests have all the info you need on how to find a protest near you.

From what we’ve heard, the FCC is quickly going down the wrong path for net neutrality, and we’ve got to stay organized, keep our pressure strong, and continue to voice our demands for meaningful protections for our freedoms to communicate and connect online.

According to news reports, the FCC is leaning towards a proposal that would protect the relationship between ISPs and big web companies, but not the relationship between ISPs and users. This “hybrid” approach would leave the door open for all kinds of discriminatory practices against end-users and is less likely to hold up in court than the clean proposal we’ve been supporting. Even rules that sound good aren’t going to help anyone if they wind up being struck down. And it doesn’t even make sense to differentiate between users who are “subscribers” and users who run websites; all users send and receive information online and any “subscriber” could start a website tomorrow. At best, such a distinction is factually incoherent, and at worst it could become a self-fulfilling prophecy, legally assigning “subscriber” and “provider” roles to people and companies on the Internet.

Here’s the real kicker: this summer 4 million people spoke out against “slow lanes” and Internet provider censorship, but “hybrid” rules would open the door for that kind of abuse. The final rules could come any day now. We can still stop this, but we have to act swiftly and show a strong response right away….

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