Vaccine Conspiracy or Racist Population Control Campaign: The Kenyan

When Catholic bishops in Kenya issued a press release last month questioning their government’s internationally-funded tetanus vaccine campaign directed at women and girls and warned that it might be laced with an experimental contraceptive that makes them miscarry their babies, it was barely mentioned by the mainstream media outside of Kenya. The BBC carried a brief story that dismissed the allegations as "unfounded" and suggested that even raising such questions was dangerous as it could frighten people from a "safe and certified" lifesaving vaccine.

The few bloggers that gave the bishops any attention were mostly accusatory, like the "friendly atheist" who compared them to Muslim fundamentalists who had somehow got it into their paranoid heads that the West was trying to render them infertile.

"If beggars believe that these men think that one day they’ll get high-fives from their Maker despite the death and suffering they willfully [sic] created," he concluded.

The larger Catholic church was silent and no human rights groups rushed to investigate the bishops’ claims, so the whole  controversy seemed to evaporate like smog – a backward, African version of a wacky vaccine conspiracy theory, with Catholic anti-birth control overtones. What could poor, black women have to fear from uber-rich white philanthropists and global  organizations bearing health-giving pharmaceuticals after all?…

What’s more, Ngare said that when they realized the tetanus vaccines being used in this campaign were “imported into the country specifically for this purpose” and didn’t match batch numbers for regular vaccines, they obtained vials of the tetanus vaccines in March 2014 and subjected them to testing and found them “laced with HCG.”

“This proved right our worst fears,” Dr. Ngare wrote, “that this WHO/UNICEF campaign is not about eradicating neonatal tetanus, but is a well-coordinated, forceful, population control, mass sterilization exercise using a proven fertility regulating vaccine.”

But that would mean that somewhere, in that vast labyrinth of Gates and Rockefeller-funded alliances of world banks and health organizations, academic institutions, pharmaceutical giants and government ministries, civil society organizations, NGOs and population councils, someone has intentionally kept secret experimental contraceptives in a medicine, pretending to save innocent babies, while hand-wringing about them damaging the planet. Creepy, but not so unbelievable for some who’ve seen it before…

In the meantime, Kenyan health ministry officials have decided to put an end to any further conspiracy talk, at least among the professionals. According to a Standard Media report this week, Kenyan Health Cabinet Secretary James Macharia and the Director of Medical Services Nicholas Muraguri, have decided to “punish” obstetrician/gynecologist Stephen Karanja, for approaching the Kenyan bishops and sounding the alarm about the vaccine.

Dr. Karanja has been summoned to the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board for disciplinary action. “It is clear that he was wrong, and we now have to take action. It is very unethical,” said Muraguri.

Action indeed. Just the sort of decisive action Bill and Melinda Gates and their allies in the World Health Organization and the pharmaceutical industry are certain to approve of. And for Kenya’s 2.3 million women and girls, and millions more across the world, the not-so-controversial tetanus vaccine campaign is certain to continue.

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Slow Poison: Roundup Linked to Spike in Chronic Disease

A new correlation study published in the Journal of Organic Systems has linked glyphosate, the primary ingredient in Monsanto’s best-selling herbicide, Roundup, to an enormous increase in chronic diseases across the United States.

Supporting countless studies before it, this new report is a detailed analysis proving an undeniable link between glyphosate-based herbicides and the rates of chronic disease all over the country.

Dr. Nancy Swanson and the President of the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM), Andre Leu, led the research team which proved – once again – that glyphosate and Roundup are lethal, even in small amounts.

The chemical is prevalently used on crops across the nation and world. Friends of the Earth Europe, says that more than 650,000 tonnes of glyphosate products were used over five years ago, with the amount being used increasing each year.

This increase in use is contributing to the development of diseases such as diabetes, obesity, lipoprotein metabolism disorder, Alzheimer’s, senile dementia, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, autism, and cancer. The report details how there is a direct correlation between the incidence of these diseases and glyphosate use.

It isn’t as if the toxicity levels of glyphosate are not already known by its makers. Monsanto was refusing to release to the public lab tests conducted in St. Louis, Missouri, which gave them authority to use glyphosate in China. …

“Extreme levels” of Herbicide Roundup Found in Food

A new study led by scientists from the Arctic University of Norway has detected “extreme levels” of Roundup, the agricultural herbicide manufactured by Monsanto, in genetically engineered soy.

The study, coming out in June’s issue of Food Chemistry and available online, looked at 31 different soybean plants on Iowa farms and compared the accumulation of pesticides and herbicides on plants in three categories 1) genetically engineered “Roundup Ready” soy, 2) conventionally produced (not GE) soy, and 3) soy cultivated using organic practices.   They found high levels of Roundup on 70 percent of genetically engineered soy plants. …

Nestle and Mead Johnson Nutrition recently dismissed calls to remove genetically-modified organisms (GMO) from their infant formula products in the US — citing the approved use of GMOs by several national and global regulatory bodies.

According to anti-GMO campaign group, GMO Inside, these companies “likely” use GMO ingredients such as soy, corn and sugar in their popular infant formula products.

In the letter, the campaign group urged Nestle USA’s Paul Bulcke, Abbott Laboratories’ Miles White, and Mead Johnson Nutrition’s R Kasper Jakobsen to “take a proactive stand and announce a phase out of all GMOs in your infant formulas in 2013.”

“Similac, Enfamil, and Gerber Good Start — which combined account for more than 90% of all infant formula sales in the US — are exposing American and Canadian babies to potentially grave health risks by using genetically modified ingredients,” said a statement accompanying the letter.

Parents who feed their newborn and young babies any of Nestle Gerber’s product lines are risking their infant’s health by exposure to an abundance of toxic genetically modified ingredients that the company claims are “safe.”

GMO Inside issued its call to Nestle USA, Mead Johnson Nutrition and Abbott Laboratories just days after Abbott Laboratories shareholders voted not to remove GMOs from the company’s Similac infant formula range.

Study Shows Infant Formula Linked To Chronic Disease

The new data, published in the Journal of Proteome Research, suggests that babied fed on formula, rather than breast milk, experience metabolic stress that play a role in long-recognised links between formula-feeding and an increased risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes and other conditions in adult life. …

Children are More Vulnerable to the Dangers of GMOs
• Infants and young children are more sensitive to chemicals or toxins.
• Their immune systems and blood brain barriers are not fully developed.
• They eat more and metabolize their food at higher rates.
• Infants are three to four times more prone to food allergens, even tiny amounts.

GMOs are in Infant Formula

Independent laboratory tests found significant amounts of genetically engineered soy in four popular soy-based infant formulas.

Brand GMO Soy Percentage
Similac Soy 42%
Enfamil Pro Soybee 49%
Walmart Soy 66%
Gerber Good Start Soy 48%

How the Doomsday Project Led to Warrantless Surveillance and Detention after 9/11

How did the deep state, in one fell swoop after 9/11, hand the government powers of warrantless surveillance and detention? Easy: it substituted “terrorism” for “nuclear attack” to activate the Atomic-Age machinery created to help the government operate after a catastrophic nuclear strike.

In this third exclusive excerpt from author Peter Dale Scott’s new book “The American Deep State: Wall Street, Big Oil and the Attack on U.S. Democracy,” the professor emeritus of English at Berkeley and former Canadian diplomat details a power grab so fantastic in scope that it could easily pass off as fiction. But it isn’t.

Scott is considered the father of “deep politics”—the study of hidden permanent institutions and interests whose influence on the political realm transcends the elected. In “American Deep State,” he painstakingly details the facts lurking behind the official histories to uncover the real dynamics in play.

Here, he details the resurgence of the so-called “Doomsday Project” after 9/11. For more, please take a look at this excerpt detailing the hidden hands of the Doomsday Project, also known as Continuity of Government group, and this analysis of how the revolving door between the CIA and Wall Street shapes global events.

Also see the “global dominance group” links in the reference section.

US Government: The Crisis Feedback Loop

All governments have both the means and the motive to create crises which enhance their power and wealth, but no government in history has been presented with such a delectable buffet of public trust, wealth, power and conflicts of interest as the US federal government.

A Trillion Ways To Build a New Military Industrial Complex

Just when did the United States government start referring to the country as the “homeland?”

If you were to answer “after 9/11,” you would be wrong. That’s the surprise. What is not at all surprising is the exponential expansion of what some call the “security-industrial complex” since that day in September thirteen years ago.

What’s happening now—the government’s search for self-justifying excuses to claim broader powers against a menace it says is ubiquitous—is a cycle that’s been repeated since America launched its first “War on Drugs” in the 1930s.

Today’s on-going proliferation of the national security state has created a new profit center for a large number of American companies with deep ties to military and intelligence agencies. And as bureaucracies and profits have grown, personal liberties have suffered their biggest contraction in a century, thanks to the Patriot Act and other legislation designed to increase surveillance in the name of eternal vigilance.

1And here’s the irony: It all began before 9/11, with the kind of bipartisan commission usually convened to bury a hot-potato issue beneath a slurry of platitudes.


In 1998, President Bill Clinton tasked former Senators Gary Hart, a Colorado Democrat, and the late Warren Rudman, a New Hampshire Republican, to chair the U.S. Commission on National Security/21st Century. The Commission panel was a cross-section of the military-industrial-media complex. Its members included Leslie Gelb, longtime New York Times correspondent and editor; Norman Augustine, former CEO of Lockheed-Martin; and Army General John Galvin.

Not If, but…  When

The panel gave its report and recommendations in January 2001. Both Senators Rudman and Hart concluded that it was not a matter of “if” the U.S. would suffer a mass-casualty terrorist strike but “when.”  Among the panel’s recommendations was the massive integration of all of the nation’s domestic security, disaster planning and recovery functions into one behemoth called the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

After 9/11, President George W. Bush faithfully executed the Hart-Rudman blueprint and President Obama and the Congress have continued to commit hundreds of billions to it. And so it was that the envisioned “peace dividend” cutbacks—which the end of the Cold War was supposed to have brought to the defense budget (and the bottom line of defense contractors)— were buried for good.

Report on the Surveillance-Industrial Complex, which parallels the Security-Industrial Complex.

By 2011, according to Brown University’s Costs of War Project, the total cost for post-9/11 Homeland Security had already reached $649 billion and annual spending since then is running at about $70 billion a year.

At that rate, the price tag for the entire post 9/11 Homeland Security domestic undertaking is only a year or two away from reaching a trillion dollars. So what’s the return been on that investment? …

PBS.Frontline.Poor Kids (2012).480p.HDTV by singaporegeek

Ukraine Operation: Russia Called Out American Bluff with Electronic Warfare

Who knows if this article is just blowing smoke but any country stupid enough to outsource their military electronics to other countries is probably in an extremely poor position to take over the world.  So one must ask the question if we’ve been set up to start and lose WWIII.   Having any one autonomous nation in a dominant position is inconsistent with the banksters’ long term plans for global governance.   Our military is needed to destroy the capacity of other countries to be independent, but ultimately we must be brought to heel as well.  Echo chambers like the pentagon must be very easy to manipulate with a few well placed moles.  Neocons certainly serve that purpose (wittingly or unwittingly) to a tee.

The crew of the Donald Cook American destroyer was demoralised by the encounter with the Russian bomber SU-24, which used radio-electronic weaponry. With several advanced systems, this is an area that Russia enjoys a distinct tactical edge.

On April 10, the Donald Cook, entered Black Sea waters and within 2 days, the Russian tactical bomber Su-24 “buzzed” the American destroyer. A few media outlets reported that Donald Cook’s crew was demoralised by this encounter and 27 American sailors resigned from the navy. What petrified the American crew so much?

Donald Cook is a 4th generation fleet destroyer of the US Navy. Its key weapon is the Tomahawk cruise missile with flying range up to 2500 km, which can carry nuclear explosives. In standard and striking set-ups the vessel carries 56 or 96 such missiles correspondingly.

The destroyer is equipped with the latest Aegis ballistic missile defence system military. Among other functions it can centralise the air defence forces of all the ships where it is installed in a common network, therefore allowing for tracking and shooting up hundreds of targets at the same time. Four huge standard radar aerials, which can substitute for a few ordinary radars, are located on the sides of the deck erection. About 50 intercept missiles of different classes are installed together with the Tomahawks in the universal launching installations on the bow and by the stern.

The Su-24 Russian tactical bomber which approached the Donald Cook carried no bombs or missiles but a container with the Khibiny radio-electronic military system. Having approached the destroyer, Khibiny was use to switch off the American destroyer’s radar, battle control circuits and data exchange systems. In other words, it turned off the whole Aegis by remote control. After this, the Su-24 simulated a missile attack at the “blind and deaf” ship, and repeated the manoeuvre 12 times.

When the Russian fighter left, the Donald Cook rushed to a Romanian port and never approached Russian waters again. …