Review of recorded GMO contamination



Since large-scale commercial planting of genetically modified (GM) crops began in 1996, a concern has been that non-GM crops may become contaminated by GM crops and that wild or weedy relatives of GM crops growing outside of cultivated areas could become contaminated. The GM Contamination Register contains records of GM contamination incidents since 1997 and forms a unique database. By the end of 2013, 396 incidents across 63 countries had been recorded.


Analysis of the Register database reveals rice has the highest number of GM contamination incidents of all crops (accounting for a third of incidents), despite there being no commercial growing of GM rice anywhere in the world. The majority of these incidents derive from two distinct cases of contamination of unauthorised GM rice lines, LLRICE from the USA and BT63 rice from China. Maize accounts for 25% of GM contamination incidents, whilst soya and oilseed rape account for approximately 10% of incidents. Although factors such as acreage grown, plant biology, designation as a food or non food crop and degree of international trading can potentially affect the frequency and extent of contamination, it is not possible to determine which are dominant.

The Register records a total of nine cases of contamination from unauthorised GM lines, i.e. those at the research and development stage with no authorisation for commercial cultivation anywhere in the world. An important conclusion of this work is that GM contamination can occur independently of commercialisation. Some of these cases, notably papaya in Thailand, maize in Mexico and grass in USA have continued over a number of years and are ongoing, whilst other contamination cases such as Bt10 maize and pharmaceutical-producing GM crops occur only with a single year. The route(s) of contamination are often unclear.


The detection of GMO contamination is dependent on both routine and targeted monitoring regimes, which appears to be inconsistent from country to country, even within the EU. The lack of an analytical methodology for the detection of GM crops at the field trial stage (i.e. pre-commercialisation) can hamper efforts to detect any contamination arising from such GM lines. …

1966 NASA Document Reveals Goal of Engineered “Climate Modification” – Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon

Our beautiful blue sky was being covered all day long yesterday with a multitude of long, thin, sharp, aggressive, enduring and spreading, white, horizon to horizon “trails” – laid in geometric formations: parallel lines, cross and star patterns, contradicting the gentle, graceful, natural clouds – and today the temperature dropped 40 degrees from yesterday. I was curious about the effects of those man-made “clouds” and their possible effects on the violent weather change. After all, I heard of “rain-making” cloud-seeding technologies when I was just a child and I wondered what  they might have come up with since then.

“Ask and ye shall find.” Voila! Right before my eyes was an excellent article that clarified the issue in all its permutations. Below is a quick introductory video and following that are salient points from the history of “geoengineering”. Everything makes sense when you “follow the money”.

When you have a little time, I’d suggest going to the website and reading the whole juicy article, complete with the history, science,  arrogance, greed, plot, plan, purpose, links, sources, references, details:

Geoengineering Aerosols Are Warming the Atmosphere and Are a Source of Global Warming

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Film: Lifting the Veil

This film explores the historical role of the Democratic Party as the “graveyard of social movements”, the massive influence of corporate finance in elections, the absurd disparities of wealth in the United States, the continuity and escalation of neocon policies under Obama, the insufficiency of mere voting as a path to reform, and differing conceptions of democracy itself.

Original interview footage derives from Noam Chomsky, Michael Parenti, Michael Albert, John Stauber (PR Watch), Sharon Smith (Historian), William I. Robinson (Editor, Critical Globalization Studies), Morris Berman (Author, Dark Ages America), and famed black panther Larry Pinkney.

Non-original interviews/lectures include Michael Hudson, Paul Craig Roberts, Ted Rall, Richard Wolff, Glen Ford, Lewis Black, Glenn Greenwald, George Carlin, Gerald Cliente, Chris Hedges, John Pilger, Bernie Sanders, Sheldon Wollin and Martin Luther King.

Films For Action’s Review:

Lifting the Veil is a significant achievement – offering a definitive critique of the Obama administration from a reality-based perspective (Ie, a critique not based on propaganda and spin). It thoroughly deconstructs the hypocrisy of U.S. politics, democracy, capitalism and other aspects of the American brand. This film promotes no illusions, examining our present state of affairs under Obama with eyes wide open.

At once disillusioning, the film inspires and offers a great message of hope in it’s evocative finale and excellent choice of music. It also points to the most immediate alternative for building a new, directly democratic and liberated world within the shell of the old (workplace democracy). For OWS, the film exemplifies the movement’s bi-partisan critique of the status quo, its deep rejection of surface-level reforms or solutions, and the deep insight that comes from waking up to the way the world really is.

Help this farmer stop Monsanto’s GM canola

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You might not have heard of Steve Marsh yet but this man could lose everything to protect your right to eat GM-free food. Steve is an organic farmer from a farming community South of Perth in Kojonup, Western Australia and in 2010, the state government of Western Australia lifted the ban on GM canola, allowing for the commercial cultivation of this GM crop for the first time. As a result many farmers, including Marsh’s next door neighbour, began growing GM canola. Subsequently, Steve found GM canola plants spread over much of his farm, containing seed. 70% of Steve’s farm was contaminated and he lost his organic certification.

The full version of our video is also available here.

This contamination has had a dramatic impact on Steve and his livelihood, while Monsanto, because of their no liability agreement signed with each GM farmer, are free of any responsibility for GM contamination. Instead of accepting this biotech invasion, Steve has decided to take a stand. As the only avenue available, Steve is taking his neighbour to court for compensation of loss and damages. The GM farmer is being supported by pro GM lobby group the Pastoralists & Graziers Association. This case is the first of its kind in the world, where an organic farmer is seeking compensation from a GM farmer when his rights have been violated by GM contamination. This is something that Steve does not want to do but he has no other option if he wants to stand up for his right to farm GM free and our right to eat GM free. ….

Update: Steve lost the first trial in February 2014 with a decision against him which we believe is biased and contains legal and factual errors. Steve has lodged an appeal against this decision which will be heard later this year or early in 2015.

We are fund raising urgently to support Steve in the costs required to pay for the appeal. Please consider making a donation. This campaign would not be where it is today without your support: Thank you so much for being a part of the #IamSteveMarsh movement!

Food Scientists: New GMO Potatoes ‘Extremely Worrisome’

Would you eat the newly approved genetically modified potato now set for commercial planting in the US? Studies suggest that most would not (though you won’t even be told thanks to the lack of GMO labeling), and now major food scientists are speaking out over the reality that the Franken potato may come with ‘worrisome’ and unknown consequences.

Upon breaking the news of the first GM potato approved by the U.S. Agriculture Department to hit your dinner table, it was quite clear that the last thing the safety commission within the department seems to care about is public health. We already have a host of genetically modified crops contaminating the food supply, such as corn (over 98%) and soy (over 94%). And with this genetic manipulation of our crops, we also have a host of studies demonstrating that Monsanto’s GMOs and Roundup herbicide (an integral part of these ‘Roundup ready’ GMO crops) have been linked to:

Yet the US government still thinks it’s perfectly fine to leave Roundup-doused GMO crops unlabeled on the shelves of your local grocery stores, and even inside your child’s baby formula. It’s no wonder that scientists are now speaking out following the news. More and more, professionals in the medical and agricultural industry are beginning to take a stand against what has become the international issue of food contamination and manipulation — from Monsanto’s GMOs to the host of synthetic additives that we are consuming on a daily basis.

That’s why, according to both a decent understanding of the issue and food scientists alike, we are about to face yet another wave of biological attack under the new GM potato commercialization. Here’s what Doug Gurian-Sherman, Ph.D., director of sustainable agriculture and senior scientist at the Center for Food Safety (CFS), had to say on the issue:

“We simply don’t know enough about RNA interference technology to determine whether GE crops developed with it are safe for people and the environment.  If this is an attempt to give crop biotechnology a more benign face, all it has really done is expose the inadequacies of the U.S. regulation of GE crops.  These approvals are riddled with holes and are extremely worrisome… We need answers to these questions before these potatoes are commercialized”

Gurian-Sherman’s statements were further expanded upon by Elizabeth Kucinich, policy director at CFS:

“In light of the obesity crisis, there has been an important national push to discourage children and adults from eating large quantities of fried foods like french fries or chips. In creating the false illusion that fried potatoes are now healthy, the Simplot potato sends the absolute opposite message… Claims of health benefits by USDA and Simplot are short sighted, misleading, and in the light of the science, could actually be potentially dangerous.”

The time is now to share this information with friends, family, strangers, activists, and the apathetic. As we approach the latest ‘genetic time bomb’ sitting within our fields, experts are warning that the time is now to get serious about regaining our food supply through legislation and the spreading of key news.

Is this country already conquered?   It would seem it’s already so demoralized it won’t even stand up for the health of its children.   Planes fly overhead constantly spraying crap in the air.   Nazi doctors assault newborn babies.   The military is training for both WWIII and domestic repression.  The list goes on and on.  Obviously the not-so-secret government is in a hurry to finish us off because they have a great deal to lose.   And so do we.   What makes this whole thing hilarious is that it’s mostly based on the collapse of a stupid silly ponzi scheme called the US dollar, which if nothing else should telll us how easy and liberating it would be to do without these paper tigers.