How the Government Controls the Drug Trade

The annual global drug trade’s estimated value has passed $435 billion according to data from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).

While governments across the world, including the United States, spend countless dollars on the war on drugs, their true intentions are not as it seems.

Whether it be Marijuana or Heroin, rogue elements in the federal government have assured that the drug trade will continue to grow.

Despite occupying the nation of Afghanistan for more than a decade, the U.S. government’s presence in the region has only helped Opium production reach record levels.

While the government would have you believe that they are truly battling the Heroin epidemic at home and abroad, news stories hidden in plain view actually reveal the truth.

U.S. troops, who began receiving orders to protect Opium fields throughout Afghanistan at the beginning of the war began relaying their stories to fellow soldiers back home. Faced with a major scandal, the U.S. government used multiple news outlets to release white-washed stories on the military’s role in helping the drug trade, claiming they had no choice in order to fight the Taliban.

Even with their attempts to portray their clear control over Opium as humanitarian based, further investigations were quick to dissolve that myth.

In 2009, a report from the New York Times revealed that the country’s largest heroin dealer was working directly with the Central Intelligence Agency, a group known to be involved in the drug trade since its inception.

“Ahmed Wali Karzai, the brother of the Afghan president and a suspected player in the country’s booming illegal opium trade, gets regular payments from the Central Intelligence Agency, and has for much of the past eight years, according to current and former American officials,” the report says.

Back at home, criminal elements of the federal government are busy on the U.S. border, working directly with the world’s most dangerous drug cartels.

A 2011 report from the El Paso Times which uncovered documents filed in a U.S. federal court revealed how federal agents helped the Sinaloa cartel bring cocaine across the border.

“According to the court documents, Mexican lawyer Humberto Loya-Castro, another high-level Sinaloa cartel leader, had his 1995 U.S. drug-trafficking case dismissed in 2008 after serving as an informant for 10 years for the U.S. government,” the article states. “Loya himself continued his drug trafficking activities with the knowledge of the United States government without being arrested or prosecuted.”

While the government attempted to pass the incident off as run-of-the-mill informant work, a 2014 report from the Business Insider showed an even deeper involvement.

“An investigation by El Universal has found that between 2000 and 2012, the U.S. government had an agreement with Mexico’s Sinaloa drug cartel that allowed the organisation to smuggle billions of dollars of drugs in exchange for information on rival cartels.”

Although billions in drug money would normally tip off any bank, major financial institutions have colluded with the government to keep the cash coming in.

A 2011 report from The Guardian detailed a 22-month long investigation which uncovered the role of Wachovia bank, owned by Wells Fargo, in laundering hundreds of billions in cash for the Sinaloa cartel, the same cartel working hand-in-hand with the federal government to ship in narcotics.

“The authorities uncovered billions of dollars in wire transfers, traveller’s cheques and cash shipments through Mexican exchanges into Wachovia accounts,” the report states.

In all, more than $378.4 billion in laundered drug money was uncovered by federal prosecutors.

“Wachovia’s blatant disregard for our banking laws gave international cocaine cartels a virtual carte blanche to finance their operations,” said Jeffrey Sloman, the lead federal prosecutor.

Other major banks such as HSBC have been caught helping drug cartels as well.

“HSBC actively circumvented rules designed to ‘block transactions involving terrorists, drug lords, and rogue regimes,’” writes Forbes‘ Agustino Fontevecchia after the bank was outed.

Despite widespread reporting in the HSBC case, the bank has continued to launder drug money due to its “too big to fail” status according to HSBC whistleblower Everett Stern.

With endless cash to be made in aiding both sides of the drug war, including the funds from imprisoning millions of non-violent offenders, the “battle” may very well continue as it has for decades.

Illegal NSA Spying: Real Reporter Refuses to Divulge Sources

James Risen is being punished as an example to the rest of us.

He blew open the story on illegal NSA wiretapping of Americans.

Of course, the government retaliated. They are trying to force him to reveal his sources.

A real reporter, he refuses.

He fought all the way to the Supreme Court – and lost.

He states that he will go to jail if he has to – and he probably will.

So our government protects illegal activities and punishes whistleblowers for revealing said activities.

Can someone please read them the First Amendment to remind them what freedom of the press means?

And how is it the NSA is unfamiliar with the obvious fact that 9/11,   al-qaeda and the WOT were entirely manufactured for the purpose of invading the middle east and africa?   Of course the management knows it very well.  Again they resort to plausible deniability, but in this case it’s simply not plausible.

Chomsky Agrees: US Pushing World Toward Nuclear War

The world has come ominously close to a nuclear war in the past and it could happen again as Russia and the West have slipped back into what seems like another Cold War, world-renowned scholar Noam Chomsky tells RT’s Sophie&Co.

Once NATO has expanded its borders all the way to reach Russia, its mission has very much changed since it was initially established, Chomsky said. Now, its aim is to take control of global energy systems rather than maintaining intergovernmental military balance.

The world has never been closer to a nuclear war that could wipe out all of its initiators, and the threat is no longer a thing of history, according to Chomsky.

He doesn’t get that some high level neocons are actually pushing for a pre-emptive nuclear strike on russia.

Media Agrees “Not to Report” on Suspected Ebola Cases in U.S.

An eyebrow-raising admission at the end of a Forbes article written by pharmacologist David Kroll reveals that the media has agreed not to report on suspected Ebola cases in the United States.

In a piece entitled Liberian Traveler At Duke Hospital Shows Preliminary Negative Result For Ebola, Kroll describes attending a press conference involving Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Aldona Wos.

After revealing that “an unnamed official abruptly called the press conference to a close” when Wos was asked a difficult question about the suspected Ebola victim, Kroll then drops a bombshell.

“The Associated Press and other press outlets have agreed not to report on suspected cases of Ebola in the United States until a positive viral RNA test is completed,” he writes.

Kroll then felt the need to justify why he was talking about the suspected Ebola case at Duke Hospital, which subsequently turned out to be negative, explaining that he was, “covering tonight’s announcement of a potential Ebola case because it has been reported in my area, and at Duke University Medical Center, an institution where I hold an unpaid adjunct associate professor appointment in their Department of Medicine.”

The agreement between major media outlets and health authorities – presumably the CDC – not to report on potential Ebola cases in the United States was apparently made behind the scenes with no public discussion whatsoever. This is sure to heighten criticism of the CDC’s handling of the Ebola outbreak in the U.S., which is already under close scrutiny….

Google Storing DNA from Medical Dragnet for Eugenics, Targeted Killing

No of course it wouldn’t be used for those purposes.  Our masters are kind and generous!     And look at the dedication of the monks in the medical “profession”, serving up our bodies’ secrets as a sacrifice in the high temple of “science”.   Where is your gratitude that they’ve allowed you to exist for so long?

Google’s plan to store entire copies of the human genome online is edging closer to reality. With 3,500 genomes already stored on its servers and more medical institutes jumping onboard, the blueprint of every person on Earth could soon be in the cloud.

The potentially game-changing project, called Google Genomics, has now been quietly moving forward for a year and a half.

Perhaps with so many ambitious plans coming out of the company’s secretive Google X research and development division, from nanobots to sniff out cancer to tremor-canceling spoons for Parkinson’s patients, it’s easy for even deeply ambitious projects to get overlooked.

READ MORE: Google’s next data collection project: Human body

RT first wrote about the search giant’s plan to create individual genome databases in July, but even promotional videos hashing out the details of the project attracted just 5,000 views over the past four months….

Here’s the most blatant aspect of the eugenics I’m talking about.  Contrary to eugenical myth, the delineation between “health” and “sickness” is obviously not just a function of genetics, it’s a function of the interaction of the environment with genetics.   The nazi philosophy which pervades the “health” research establishment would have you believe that there’s something inherently wrong with the genetics of autistic children for instance, not the interaction of their genetics with their state-managed environment.  But human genetics has evolved for millennia in the absence of injected mercury, aluminum, squalene ( ) and a multitude of foreign proteins and organisms (vaccination) and it was only very recently that human (i.e. mammalian) mothers began denying their babies breast milk by feeding them mass-produced junk food whose only similarity to breast milk is that it looks white.  ( )

Under such unprecedented environmental stressors, some fraction of the human population is guaranteed to get “sick”, as judged by medical ideology.  But this is in fact a value judgement which implicitly holds the “need” of the state to mass-produce immunological profiles to facilitate concentrating malnourished kids in state-managed indoctrination facilities without creating epidemics,  and its “need” to enslave women in the work force to maximize their utility to the state, above the rights of human families to nurture their children as they’ve tried to do while under increasing state encroachment for centuries.   It comes down to whether the state exists for the needs of humans or vice versa.  This is what eugenics has always been about.

Similar arguments could be made about heart disease and cancer (caused by pollution and pseudo food) and of course “mental illness” (circumcision, obstetrical abuse, public “education”, mass marketed alienation, engineered family atomization etc).  And this new assault on human bio- and social diversity is marketed as progress.

The first application of information technology to “health” in this sense occurred in the nazi concentration camps, thanks to IBM.

It’s all about culling the herd and social control.  Nothing more.  And the children of the so-called “elite” have been subject to precisely this ideology of state management of child rearing (medical birthing, circumcision and remote boarding schools) for centuries.  That’s why they’re crazy.  Their brains have been empathically lobotomized.

The War on Empathy, Love and Family

Russia may ban fast food commercials in TV programs for kids

Russia may ban the advertising of junk food during children’s shows aired on national TV or radio. The Parliament is considering new amendments to the Advertising Law which would limit marketing of foods containing high amounts of fat, salt and sugar.

A relative new comer to Russian politics, young MP Alena Arshinova, is trying to change the face of the nation by banning fast food commercials from children’s radio and TV channels, by introducing an amendment to the Russia’s Advertising Law. …

Greenspan Completes his Cycle of Destruction

First he blows the biggest bubble in history while his boss’s minions in government deregulate everything in sight in order to fully exploit it, and now that the dollar is totally vulnerable as a result, he says gold is the only real currency.    It’s because of scam artists like him that people can’t rely on fiat currencies.  Of course he and his friends have already bought all the gold they can lay their hands on, just as they fully invested in the dollar before the bubble.  Do you see their business model?  War and deliberate economic cycles is how central bankers accumulate most of their wealth.  It’s called pump and dump, and in any other context it would be totally illegal.

It’s no accident that this video is public.  These people are very good at keeping secrets.  They have to be or they’d have been in jail a long time ago.  No, it was intended that this go public.  This is the modern aristocracy, sneering down at their peasant prey as they  defecate on our heads.

For some reason, the Council of Foreign Relations, where ex-Fed-Chief Alan Greenspan spoke last week, decided the following discussion should be left out of the official transcript. We can perhaps understand why… as Gillian Tett concludes, “comments like that will be turning you into a rock star amongst the gold bug community.” ……