Ebola deaths in Sierra Leone ‘underreported’, Entire Villages Gone

Ebola’s toll on Sierra Leone is much greater than previously thought, with entire villages killed off by the virus. This means up to 20,000 people could have succumbed to the disease by now, a senior coordinator for Doctors Without Borders (MSF) believes.

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According to Rony Zachariah, coordinator of operational research for MSF, the Ebola impact on Sierra Leone is in fact “under-reported,” AFP quotes.

“The situation is catastrophic. There are several villages and communities that have been basically wiped out. In one of the villages I went to, there were 40 inhabitants and 39 died,” Zachariah told the agency. “Whole communities have disappeared but many of them are not in the statistics. The situation on the ground is actually much worse.”

The latest figures from the World Health Organization (WHO) put the total number of dead at 4,951 out of 13,567 recorded cases.

But the real total could be up to 20,000 people dead, Zachariah argues. “The WHO says there is a correction factor of 2.5, so maybe it is 2.5 times higher and maybe that is not far from the truth. It could be 10,000, 15,000 or 20,000.” …


Ebola Roundup from Natural News

Defying its own quack advice that the agency has been propagandizing for months, the CDC has now released a document on Ebola that admits the virus can spread through aerosolized droplets. The document, quietly released on the CDC website, also admits Ebola can contaminate surfaces such as doorknobs, causing infections to be spread through indirect means.

In stunning news, today we learn that the anti-quarantine nurse who has publicly fought to dismantle Ebola quarantines was trained as an “intelligence officer” by the CDC in a special two-year program modeled after the military:

A Nobel Prize-winning scientist is warning that Ebola may be spread by carriers who show no symptoms:

There’s been a lot of important news on the Ebola front. An Associated Press investigation found that even a small Ebola outbreak would cripple the U.S. healthcare system:

A federal judge has now essentially declared Ebola is safer than the flu, and even though unvaccinated children are sent home from public schools, the nurse in Maine who might have Ebola is “free to travel” and mingle with the public!

After admitting Ebola could spread via “aerosolized droplets” propelled by coughs and sneezing, the CDC quickly scrubbed its admission, censoring its own confirmation that it has been lying all along about Ebola transmission:

Responding to the CDC’s schizophrenia, we couldn’t resist poking fun at the agency with a hilarious satire document containing made-up advice like “don’t lick doorknobs”

Establishment Desperate to “Co-Opt” Populist Uprising

CFR’s Foreign Affairs reveals plan to neutralize “American Distemper”

A series of articles in this month’s Foreign Affairs magazine, a publication of the Council on Foreign Relations, reveals how the establishment is desperate to “co-opt” the political populist uprising that has swept the United States and Europe in recent years.

In an introduction to the series of essays, Foreign Affairs editors Gideon Rose and Jonathan Tepperman note how the rise of Tea Party sentiment in the United States and its equivalent in Europe comes as a result of increasing disenfranchisement with the political system.

According to the authors, this necessitates the need for political leaders to “co-opt and channel popular passions, addressing political outsiders’ legitimate grievances while bypassing their simplistic solutions.”

In other words, the threat posed by grass roots populism across the western world represents a major challenge to the existing world order embraced by the CFR and must be hijacked and misdirected in order to have its potency diffused.

The central essay which outlines the CFR’s perspective on the challenges posed by populism is entitled Pitchfork Politics: The Populist Threat to Liberal Democracy. Written by Yascha Mounk, the piece highlights how the rise of populism stems from the “diminished….ability of democratic governments to satisfy their citizens,” namely the “long term stagnation in living standards and deep crises of national identity.” …


FBI Holds Secret Meeting To Scare Congress Into Backdooring Phone Encryption

In September, both Apple and Google announced plans to encrypt information on iOS and Android devices by default. Almost immediately, there was a collective freakout by law enforcement types. But, try as they might, these law enforcement folks couldn’t paint any realistic scenario of where this would be a serious problem. Sure, they conjured up scenarios, but upon inspection they pretty much all fell apart. Instead, what was clear was that encryption could protect users from people copying information off of phones without permission, and, in fact, the FBI itself recommends you encrypt the data on your phone.

But it didn’t stop FBI director James Comey from ignoring the advice of his own agency and pushing for a new law that would create back doors (he called them front doors, but when asked to explain the difference, he admitted that he wasn’t “smart enough” to understand the distinction) in such encryption.

So, now, of course, the FBI/DOJ gets to go up to Congress and tell them scary stories about just how necessary breaking encryption would be. And it’s being done in total secrecy, because if it was done in public, experts might debunk the claims, like they’ve done with basically all of the scenarios provided in public to date….


Success: One-Third of American Children Now Live in Poverty

The wealthiest nation on earth has somehow allowed a third of its children to slip into poverty, according to the United Nations.

Thirty-two percent of all U.S. children reside in households that have annual incomes below 60% of the national median income for 2008, or $31,000, UNICEFreported (pdf). In some states, the rate is even higher. New Mexico’s is 41.9%, the worst in the country. New Hampshire has the best rate, at 12.5%. Regionally, the South has the highest child poverty rates. In terms of population, more than 24 million American minors live in poverty.

UNICEF chose 2008 to show how bad things have become in the U.S. since it was before the Great Recession. Since then, the percentage of American kids living in poverty increased by 2% while 18 other nations lowered their child poverty rates.

“Extreme child poverty in the United States increased more during the Great Recession than it did in the recession of 1982, suggesting that, for the very poorest, the safety net affords less protection now than it did three decades ago,” the report says.  …


They don’t need food or housing or love.  We just need to circumcise and vaccinate them to boost the GDP.

Seriously, if you think this is an accident I have a bridge to sell you.

Faces of Power: A Halloween Gallery

Halloween is that time of year when the innocent don masks of monsters. But what we find especially interesting is that the reverse can also happen, and not just on Halloween: Monsters can don masks of the innocent.

In a special category are the politicians. The masks they wear are typically based on what masks they think the voters are wearing.

Here are just a few faces that show why, in some circles, every day is Halloween. Most are either politicians or spooks. For one reason or another, we find them all frightening.  But are any of them monsters? You be the judge.