Tests Find Monsanto’s Soy in Portland-Bought Infant Formula

The real culprit here is american metasin.  No one in his right mind would believe monsanto to be a trusthworthy custodian of children’s nutrition.  American metasin, on the other hand, has long gotten a free pass as the authority of last resort wrt children’s health, and as a result generations of american children have not only been starved of essential immunological, hormonal and neuro-developmental health factors found only in human breast milk, but they’ve missed out on the human intimacy of breast feeding from their mothers.  This is a particularly despicable form of institutional predation as it is, but now we find that our ever resourceful corporate predators are exploiting the wedge metasin has driven between mothers and babies to actually poison children.   From circumcision to obstetrical abuse to formula feeding to psychiatric drugging to hyper-vaccination, american metasin has been an unmitigated disaster for children.   Let them go back to setting bones, something their reductionist, mechanistic ideology can comprehend.

Just as Oregonians are voting on whether to label genetically engineered foods, Center for Food Safety (CFS) announced today that genetic testing has confirmed the presence of soy that has been genetically engineered by Monsanto for heavy pesticide exposure in infant formula that is being sold in Portland, Oregon. The testing was coordinated between CFS and Dr. Ray Seidler, the first EPA scientist to study genetically engineered crops (now retired) and former professor at Oregon State University.  With recent published studies confirming that genetically engineered soy has significantly higher levels of chemical herbicides than conventionally grown soy, the test findings raise concerns about increasing infant exposure to chemical herbicides. The testing follows up on a recent nationwide study by Consumer Reports finding genetically engineered ingredients in more than 80 common food products.

“I think most moms purchasing infant formula have no idea they are feeding their baby a product that has been genetically engineered to survive exposure to high levels of chemical pesticides,” says Aurora Paulsen with Center for Food Safety’s Portland office. “It’s no surprise that Monsanto is the top donor opposing Measure 92 which would give Oregonians the ability to know what foods have been genetically engineered. The presence of these products in infant formula being sold in Oregon really highlights the need for basic labeling.”…


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