Kleptagon Preparing to Start WWIII

The US is working on military ‘scenarios’ near Russia’s border, Russia’s defense minister warned after his American counterpart said the US must be ready to deal with “a revisionist Russia” and its “modern and capable army on NATO’s doorstep.”

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Sergey Shoigu expressed “grave concern” and “surprise” at US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel’s Wednesday speech during the Association of the United States Army’s annual conference on Wednesday, which declared that US armed forces “must deal with a revisionist Russia – with its modern and capable army – on NATO’s doorstep.”

“Chuck Hagel’s thesis on the necessity for the American army to ‘deal’ with ‘modern and capable’ Russian armed forces on NATO’s doorstep is of grave concern,” TASS quoted Shoigu as saying. “This testifies to the fact that the Pentagon is working on scenarios for operations at the borders of our country.”

“I know US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel personally. That is why his speech at the US Army annual meeting in which he called Russia the main enemy surprised all of us, to put it mildly,” Shoigu noted. …


Why doesn’t the kleptagon just nuke the USA and get it over with?  It would be more honest than inducing russia to do it.  Either way, the blood of the american people will be on their hands.

Oh yeah, I forgot, they think they can survive a nuclear war with russia and china.  And maybe they can, as individuals.  But the rest of the country is already going down the tubes because of the kleptagon’s satanic paymasters on wall street who would only be too happy to finish off this country in a blaze of glory now that they’ve moved their assets offshore.

It’s a sorry indication of the state of american education.

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