Investigation is the Key to Vaccination Compliance

A spoof but not all that humorous, dated from the future: 10/03/2042 – by

DEES Illustrations
DEES Illustrations

Deeply troubled by an escalating festering plague of parents refusing to follow the recommended vaccination schedule, the CDC recently commissioned an urgent study to determine the reasons for this disturbing trend.

The vaccination refusal epidemic has been so dramatic in recent years that the Global Medical Cartel reports an unprecedented plunge in pharmaceutical stocks that rivals those seen during the great market crash of 2019.

The market devastation is so severe that even several carefully orchestrated and ostensibly deadly pandemic scares in recent years have been unable to recoup the losses.

“People just aren’t listening to official medical experts the way they need to in order for our glorious global oligarchy to flourish,” said concerned CDC spokesperson Dr. Ernest Obfuscation, “recent laws requiring full vaccination in order to receive public benefits have eased the problem somewhat, but unfortunately, a large and sophisticated black market in counterfeit vaccination compliance forms has prevented full market recovery”…

Read much more at Investigation is the Key to Vaccination Compliance.

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