How Mideast Mythology is Marketed to Academicians

The spider spins a yarn for for the bigger bugs in its web:

The notion of ancient religious rivalries controlling the modern history of the middle east is laughable to anyone with some knowledge of recent events. The US and UK’s deliberate splintering of secular iraq along religious lines via divisive occupation government policies, assassinations of secular leaders, looting of cultural repositories like the national museum, the loss of free higher education, and false flag attacks such as the bombing of the golden dome mosque is well documented as you can see with a little searching on the net.  The west’s decades-long methodical manufacture of islamic fundamentalist paramilitaries in service to western objectives in afghanistan, bosnia, chechnya, libya and syria (not to mention the USA) is also a matter of historical record. The USA’s arming of both sides in the iran/iraq war which had nothing to do with religion is no secret. The creation and maintenance of the bearded beheaders of saudi arabia as a tool of western oil interests is not exactly hidden from view.

What continues to be hidden from most people is how money renders common sense irrelevant to those accustomed to the lifestyles enjoyed by our high priests of academia.

This is pure satanic deception produced by its core practitioners in the bankster mafia who are almost 100% responsible for the carnage in the middle east.

Russian Hackers Release Faked ISIS Video Production

US Troops Looting Iraq National Museum
US Troops Looting Iraq National Museum


Iraqi collateral damage
Iraqi collateral damage

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