Genocidal W.H.O. Rejected Travel Ban from Africa

The World Health Organization (WHO) rejected a travel ban to and from Ebola-stricken countries several weeks before an airline passenger infected with Ebola unknowingly brought the disease from Liberia into America.

In its Aug. 14 press release, WHO disapproved of a potential ban on international travel to and from the West African nations hit hardest by Ebola, suggesting instead that governments provide “their citizens traveling to Ebola-affected countries with accurate and relevant information on the Ebola outbreak and measures to reduce the risk of exposure.”

In explaining the reasoning behind the decision, WHO said “the risk of transmission of Ebola virus disease during air travel remains low,” which completely ignores the possibility that someone infected with Ebola could spread the disease weeks after flying back to his home country.

“On the small chance that someone on the plane is sick with Ebola, the likelihood of other passengers and crew having contact with their body fluids is even smaller,” the press release states. “Usually when someone is sick with Ebola, they are so unwell that they cannot travel.”

“WHO is therefore advising against travel bans to and from affected countries.” …

Despite the WHO’s recommendation against a travel ban, multiple countries decided to terminate air service to and from West African nations back in August, further indicating that WHO downplayed the risk of Ebola spreading via air travel.

Could the almighty health authorities at the WHO have forgotten that the ebola incubation period between infection and symptoms can be up to 21 days?

No.  They didn’t forget.  These are the same people that organized and funded the mass distribution of HIV in africa through free vaccination campaigns using needles that they knew to be dirty.

And administered another free vaccination campaign that made unknown numbers of “third world” women sterile.

In keeping with Bill Gates’ stated admission that vaccines were somehow to be used in population control.

While the CDC has been promoting the covert sterilization of american women using a similar technique of combining tetanus vaccine with hCG.

Hello?  Is anyone listening?   The level of incompetence being claimed here is not plausible.   It’s far more likely that NSS 200 was covertly implemented many years ago.

Now maybe you think there are too many people in the world.   I think that’s highly questionable given the environmental consequences of our hugely destructive debt based money system and the resulting wars and deliberate mass production of waste through planned obsolescence.

But in any case, do you really want inbred parasitical satanic robber barons and their minions to be the sole heirs of a new post-industrial earth?  Are you willing to sacrifice yourself on that altar?

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