Diverting Dissent: Canada Takes a Cue from US COINTELPRO Tactics

It’s always the same story:

Undercover police dress up as protesters and incite, or even engage in, violence.

Uniformed police then take advantage of this to assault legitimate protesters, sometimes brutally.

It’s the oldest trick in the book and the French have a phrase for it: “Agent Provocateur.

Bizarrely, US protesters NEVER seem to get their heads out of their arses and see it coming no matter how many times it gets pulled on them.

In contrast, one labor leader at the Montebello meeting of the so called “Security and Prosperity Summit” in Quebec earned the title LEADER and not only detected this crap as it was talking place, but confronted the government-employed criminals involved and forced them to stand down.

This kind of activity isn’t legitimate police work. It’s thug-for-hire work on behalf of fascists.

Next time you see one of these hulking morons with a mask on his face holding a rock or stick, rip off his mask and photograph him. Don’t expect a shred of help from the gutless news media exposing these vermin. They’ll never follow up on the story, but the photographs are a deterrent.

Look for the steroid pumped morons with close-cropped hair, polished shoes, and over the top ass-holic behavior. Those would be your police masquerading as protesters.

By the way, the so called “Security and Prosperity Summit” will be meeting in New Orleans in April. (Update: Meeting came and went.) Brasscheck TV will be there reporting on cop dirty tricks as they happen.

Note: New Orleans police have coincidentally been given a “grant” of assault weapons and riot gear recently. Also, an article recently appeared in New Orleans Magazine praising the local SWAT team for brutalizing local affordable housing protesters. How subtle.

How police staged riots at the Seattle at the WTO meeting:


Also see “War at Home” in the reference section.

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