Chomsky Clueless About Monetary System

So he has a new book out called “Masters of Mankind”, a collection of essays and lectures.  Ironically he’s completely blind to who the real masters are.  This is what you call “controlled opposition”.

There are so many inaccuracies here (such as the claim that clinton ran a surplus when it was based on looting the social security trust fund by swapping marketable bonds for IOU’s) that it’s hard to keep up.  But the elephant in the living room is that the fed’s private owners (see file# 0042817 at ) have a built-in conflict of interest: their insider knowledge and control of upcoming fed policy allows them to tailor both their investments and the policies to maximize their profits at the expense of everyone else. It’s now an open secret that the fed caused (i.e. engineered) the great depression (more properly called the Great Ripoff) just as it caused the current crisis via greenspan’s historically unprecedented bubbles for the same reason: infinite greed.  They were already profiting immensely by their malfeasance well before the “bailout”. And now they’re flush with QE cash, ready to clean up after the collapse, although that money is already making profits for them.

For me, chomsky became irrelevant when he dropped the ball on 9/11, a tragically lost opportunity for real change served up on a silver platter.  It may have been our last chance as a nation.

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