US Deploys Death Squad Advisors to Ukraine

The Pentagon has dispatched eight military personnel to Kiev this week to provide tips to Ukrainian security forces on counterinsurgency and military planning tactics.

Military staff will share with the Ukrainians some of the Pentagon’s planning tactics, techniques and procedures while collecting data on the needs of its security forces, according to Pentagon spokeswoman Eileen Lainez. Staff arrived in Kiev, the country’s capital, on Thursday and Friday and are beginning to assess the operations of the Ukraine Ministry of Defense, Ms. Lainez told The Washington Times.

The eight military personnel have been split up into two teams, according to Ms. Lainez. One team has been told to assess the security needs of the Ukrainian government and look for ways that the U.S. can supply military equipment to the country, Ms. Lainez said.

“With support from Ukraine and the State Department, the security assessment team will also explore the potential of expanding our current Office of Defense Cooperation in Keiv, to enhance Ukraine’s military capabilities and interoperability,” she said. …

“Counterinsurgency” is what the US was carrying out in latin america in the 80’s and vietnam before that.  It’s a tacit admission that the regime has insufficient support among its own population to maintain power without external support for its apparatus of internal repression.   Of course nothing is black and white and I wouldn’t be surprised if the russians had boots on the ground in ukraine.   But the russian’s didn’t foment a coup in kiev and they’re not trying to surround the USA with offensive ABM bases, at least not yet.  It’s clear which side is on the offensive here, and which side’s record of financing death squads abroad pales in comparison to the other’s.

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