Third Ebola Victim Flown to non-BSL4 US Hospital

Yet another infected ebola patient is being sent to a non-BSL4 clinic in the US.  The CDC explicitly states that ebola is a BSL4 pathogen. After all it’s a bioweapons-level hazard worse than anthrax, which is level 3.  The nearest BSL facility to where he’s being treated at the Univ of Nebraska is only level 3. ( ) The clinic itself appears to be level 2.  Is anyone paying attention?  It appears the CDC has completely abandoned their biosafety protocols.  WTF is going on?  A lot of what the NIH and CDC have done in the past few years seems designed to allow for a pandemic with plausible deniablity.  See

Fearmongering by Gates Raises Question of Staged Bioattack in USA