Satanists Await Inevitable American Fukushima

Top Experts Warn Of ‘Inevitable’ Fukushima Disaster In California

Since the catastrophic meltdown of the Fukushima nuclear power plant in March of 2011 irreparably altered the state of the planet for the known future, the incident has been shrouded in nothing but bureaucratic cover ups and government-backed disinformation. Now, within our own borders, top experts turned whistleblowers are warning of a nuclear nightmare that could surpass Fukushima and Chernobyl alike by leaps and bounds.

Initially listed as a Level 4 incident on the International Nuclear Event Scale, pressure from scientists on an international level ultimately led to Fukushima’s classification as a maximum Level 7 accident within the INES system. Now, even after witnessing what happens when a major power plant is placed within the crosshairs of serious earthquake activity, a ‘new American Fukushima’ may be sitting off the Central Coast within California’s Diablo Canyon.

And top level nuclear experts, including a senior federal nuclear inspector turned whistleblower, are warning that the California-based plant is a sitting radioactive duck amid the nearby faults that have actually been found to be more dangerous than previously thought. Back in 2008, a new fault known as the Shoreline fault was discovered just offshore from the Diablo Canyon nuclear facility: a discovery that truly changes everything about the ‘safety’ of the California plant.

The whistleblower and former federal inspector of the plant, Michael Peck, has even presented his case highlighting the serious hazards of the plant he used to oversee to the  U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission in a highly confidential report. National organizations are already calling attention to Peck’s finding and reports, with senior strategist Damon Moglen of Friends of the Earth International stating:

“We agree with him that Diablo Canyon is vulnerable to earthquakes and must be shut down immediately. Rather than the NRC keeping this a secret, there must be a thorough investigation with public hearings to determine whether these reactors can operate safely.”

Yet it appears that the general public is not even being made aware of what’s really going on, let alone the real threat that they face on a national and international level. Infowars reporter Lee Ann Mcadoo recently traveled to the very location of the Diablo Canyon nuclear site, where residents and visitors alike were shocked to learn about what the experts had to say regarding their local nuclear power plant …

What can we deduce from washington’s inaction about this, about the solar CME vulnerability shared by virtually all reactors in north america, about the deliberate poisoning of the gulf of mexico by dispersants, the destruction of the food supply via GMO’s, the offshoring of jobs and tool making equipment, the engineered destruction of the economy, the impending implosion of the dollar, the creation of al qaeda and ISIS, the 9/11 false flag, the assiduous campaign to start WWIII …… ?  The incompetence theory?  Or the satanism theory?

Maybe we should grow up and stop making assumptions about benevolent intent.  The empire learned the value of undeclared wars a long time ago.  There’s no longer enough profit in maintaining a middle class in the US.  We have served our purpose.  Speculators profit during times of change.  The bigger the change the better.

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